With new demands, Trump threatens to torpedo Covid’s aid package


US. U.S. President Donald Trump is trying to torpedo the United States. Amid a raging pandemic and economic turmoil, Congress’ huge Covid 19 aid package called for reforms that his Republican colleagues refused.

Trump attacked the bipartisan $900 billion aid package in a video he tweeted Tuesday night and indicated that he may not sign the bill.

He called on the U.S. representatives. For most Americans, Congress would raise direct payments from $600 (£447) to $2,000 (£1,493) for individuals and $4,000 (£2,986) for couples.

He railed against a variety of provisions in the bill, including foreign assistance, and urged lawmakers to “remove the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation and send me an appropriate bill.”

Trump did not expressly vow to veto the bill, and there could be ample support for the U.S. legislation. If he does, Congress will override him.

However, there would be significant implications if the president were to overturn the sweeping bill, such as no federal assistance for struggling Americans and small businesses and no new support for vaccine delivery.

As Congress related the pandemic aid package to an overall financing bill, on Dec. 29, the government would shut down.

The assistance package was part of a hard-fought compromise bill that contains $1.4 trillion (1 trillion pounds) to fund U.S. government agencies through September and other end-of-session goals, such as cash for cash-strapped transportation networks, a rise in food stamps, and around $4 billion (2.9 billion pounds) to help other nations provide their citizens with a Covid 19 vaccine.

In a stalemate over pandemic aid capital, lawmakers spent months, even as 19 cases of Covid soared across the nation.

Democrats had pressed for higher payments to Americans, but pledged to strike a compromise with Republicans.

After the heckling of Trump, the U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the House of Representatives practically called on Trump’s Republican allies in Congress to fulfill the president’s demand for even higher payments.

In a tweet, she said, “Finally the President has agreed to a $2,000 payment. Democrats are ready to bring this to the floor this week with unanimous consent. Let’s do it!”

An aide said she’d put the idea up for Thursday’s vote.

Republicans were hesitant to invest further on pandemic relief, only committing to the major year-end package as time for a final deal dwindled.

And the Political leader in the U.S., Sen. Chuck Schumer. “Trump needs to sign the bill to help people and keep the government open,” the Senate said, with Congress willing to offer more assistance later on.

After the House approved it by a 359-53 vote, the Senate passed the enormous aid package by a 92-6 vote.

If Mr. Trump agrees to take that measure, those vote totals will be enough to override a veto.

After months of pandemic help wrangling, the deadlock broke after the U.S. President-elect Joe Biden urged his party to support a compromise which is smaller than many Democrats would have preferred with leading Republicans.

Biden applauded Congressional representatives for their service. He described the package as far from ideal, “but it provides vital relief at a critical time.”

He also said that in the coming months, further relief would be needed. Biden said, “We have an initial indication and a glimpse of bipartisanship,”

“In this election, Americans have made it clear that they want us to think outside the box and work together.”


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