When covid cases rise, Quebec goes into full lockdown


The Province of Canada implements’ shock step ‘to curb steady infection growth

Quebec will enforce a full lockout on Saturday, becoming the first Canadian province to enact a curfew as coronavirus cases once again escalate out of control. On Wednesday, the premier, François Legault, unveiled the sweeping laws, calling them a ‘shock measure’ to blunt the steady growth of cases. “This pandemic has been the fight of our lives,” said Legault, who has defied demands for tougher action in recent weeks, citing the negative impact on families and the economy. Canada: politicians disciplined amid covid warnings for holiday travelRead moreQuebec’s decision to enter a lockout came when on Wednesday the province reported 2,641 new cases of the virus and 47 deaths. Residents will not be permitted outside their homes from 8 pm to 5 am. Non-essential businesses will be shut down until Feb. 8 – effectively extending the partial lockdown of Quebec. Legault said the pp. “Why are so many people in Montreal getting sick and dying from Covid-19? Read more During the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada, Quebec was the worst-hit province. In the province, a total of 217,999 cases and 8,488 deaths were registered – more than half of the 16,233 cases nationally. In neighboring Ontario, where the number of cases has also increased since the Christmas holidays, Premier Doug Ford said h


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