Vaccine diplomacy”: Egypt introduces Chinese coronavirus vaccination”


China’s lack of accountability in trial data has raised doubts, but the country is moving forward with confidence

When the Egyptian Ministry of Health sent an invitation to physicians to be vaccinated against Covid-19, it failed to point out that it was a clinical trial, instead assuring them that two Covid-19 vaccines developed by the Chinese National Biotec Corporation, part of the state-owned Sinopharm conglomerate, had no side effects, and that “the minister of health was vaccinated today and instructed to vaccinate all doctors and workers who want to be vaccinated.” None of us attended when my colleagues and I received this news, because we can’t trust it,”When my colleagues and I received this news, none of us attended because we can’t trust it,”lack of legitimacy”lack of credibility” The doctor, who can not be identified for safety reasons, described the extensive Egyptian vaccine advertisement campaign, which shows a well-known actor driving to get vaccinated at a sunlit clinic, as ‘government propaganda aimed at raising the morale of people. Finally, 3,000 Egyptian volunteers participated in the study, half the number requested by the researchers.

Until clinical trials are finished, both the UAE and Bahrain have given emergency approval for frontline use of the vaccine. Egypt has already said it wants to become a manufacturing center for the Chinese vaccine in Africa, while Sinopharm will establish a production facility in Morocco next year. As part of its push to become a “global logistics center” the UAE gave Egypt at least 100,000 free doses.

Bahrain has recently announced its own launch. Sinopharm and its Emirati partner G42 said that 45,000 individuals participated in Phase 3 efficacy and safety trials, although the data has not yet been released by Sinopharm. Part of Sinopharm’s vaccines’ appeal is that, unlike newer mRNA vaccines that need a cold chain, they must be stored at the normal temperature of 2C-8C (35.6F to 46.4F). “Sinopharm Chairman Liu Jingzhen recently reported that as part of an emergency approval, nearly 1 million people have received vaccines. “We have received no reports of severe side effects, and only a few have mild symptoms,” he said. A separate study cited data from the Phase 2 trials of Sinopharm, di di


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