U.S. criticism of Capitol violence by Moscow, Beijing and Tehran


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani claims that Western democracy is fragile and fragile.

The scenes that unfolded in Washington on Wednesday in much of the world caused shock, horror and anger, but there was a fair amount of schadenfreude in the chaotic images of protestors storming Congress in Moscow, Beijing and other capitals where autocratic governments are often criticised by the U.S. Many authoritarian governments have also cited the events as evidence that the U.S. is unable to teach lessons about democracy to other nations. In a speech broadcast on state television Thursday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that what we saw last night and today in the US really showed how fragile and weak Western democracy is and how weak its foundations are. He called Trump a “unhealthy person” and said he had “damaged his country’s reputation and credibility. Russian lawmakers quickly jumped on the events in Washington as a “unhealthy person

While Russian politicians responded to years of Washington criticism, there was a more specific complaint from Chinese officials, trying to compare the violent scenes in Washington with the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. The Hawkish Global Times tabloid repeatedly drew crude comparisons between the shooting of Capitol Hill and episodes of the protests in Hong Kong, ignoring the diametrically opposed The newspaper cited unnamed netizens who gloated over the scenes, calling them “karma,” “revenge” and “deserved.” Chinese foreign policy spokeswoman Hua Chunying claimed at a daily press conference in Beijing Thursday afternoon that the deaths in Washington showed that U.S. police were more brutal than their counterparts in Hong Kong. “Although the level of violence and destruction in Washington is not as severe as what happened in Hong Kong, four people died,” she said. Hua, the Global Times and China’s Communist Youth League all referred to comments by Nancy Pelosi that the Hong Kong protests were “a beautiful sight,” but incorrectly linked them to protesters storming the Legislative Council, when in fact she had said that just days after a nonviolent march of 2 million people on June 16, 2019.Other countries made fun of mimicking the kind of rhetoric that usual In a statement that echoed the tone of dozens of American communiqués in recent years regarding instability in Turkey, Turkey issued a travel warning urging Turkish citizens in the U.S. to stay away from crowded places and demonstrations. The State Department statement also called on all parties in the U.S. to “maintain restraint and prudence” in order to “maturely” overcome the crisis. “I’ll be brief: the United States – what a disaster,” Diosdado Cabello, leader of the Socialist Party, tweeted. As they say,” Oil Minister Tareck El Aissami said, “What goes around comes around. The idea of the U.S. as a kind of moral arbiter has taken repeated blows in the four years of the Trump presidency, and this was compounded by the resolution of this week, with an attempt at exactly the kind of power grab that elsewhere would be condemned by the U.S. State Department. “When I served this nation overseas, we co-served this nation.”


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