Trump resigns as advisor and two other senior officials are considering resigning


After crowd of Trump supporters storms U.S., Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger resigns Capitol City

Donald Trump’s deputy national security advisor Matt Pottinger has resigned and two other top White House officials are reportedly considering resigning after a crowd of Donald Trump supporters invaded the U.S. after national security adviser Robert O’Brien and deputy chief of staff Chris Liddell Building a Capitol.

The resignation of Pottinger comes amid reports that after the U.S. president incited and congratulated the rioters while continuing to express baseless complaints over his loss of the presidency, others will also resign.

So far, six Trump-related officials and his inner circle have announced they would resign, including members of Trump’s Melania squad, following the deadly violence surrounding the Congressional vote to confirm Joe Biden’s November presidential election victory.

A separation from the president has also been proposed by senior Republican leaders.

O’Brien, a staunch Trump loyalist, praised Vice President Mike Pence’s conduct in opposing Trump’s push to reverse the ratification of the election in a tweet from his personal account, making no mention of Trump.

He tweeted, “I just spoke with Vice President Pence. He’s a really fine and decent man,” “Today he displayed bravery, as he did at the Capitol as a Congressman on 9/11.

I am proud that I will serve with him.
In another outburst that underlined the breakdown of the inner circles of the Trump administration, Marc Short, Pence’s chief of staff, told reporters that Trump had barred him from the White House after the president “rebuked” him for advising Pence on Trump’s demands to reverse the election results.

Some senior administration officials have already started talking informally about invoking the 25th Amendment to oust the president before his term ends on Jan. 20, according to reports in the U.S. media, while demands for a second impeachment trial are also getting louder to guarantee that Trump does not run for public office again.

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The Washington Post cited one government official labeling Trump’s actions a “monster” on Wednesday, while another said that the situation was “insane” and “beyond the pale.”

On Wednesday night, two of the first lady’s top aides resigned, including Stephanie Grisham, a former Trump loyalist who had previously worked as press secretary for the White House.

Anna Cristina Niceta, the social secretary of the White House, resigned as well.

“Said to be “deeply distressed” by the storming of the Capitol, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews has declared her resignation.

It was my honor to serve in the administration of Trump, and I was proud of the policies we have put in place.

I was profoundly saddened by what I saw today, as someone who served in the halls of Congress,” Matthews said in a statement. “I’m going to step down from my post, effective immediately. Our nation needs a peaceful power transition.
The frustration was increasingly apparent inside a Republican Party at war with itself. “[Trump] screwed his supporters, he screwed the country, and now he’s screwed himself,” Politico was told by a Trump campaign official in 2016.

Former Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, who said he repeatedly tried to contact Trump during the crisis, also squarely laid the blame at Trump’s feet.

“The president caused this protest,” Christie told ABC News. “He’s the only one who can make it stop.”


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