Trump promises’ smooth transition,’ but as Biden certifies U.S. president, he continues election lies — live


The brief suspension of Donald Trump from Twitter came to an end after the outgoing president removed three tweets that the social network claimed violated its “civil integrity guidelines.”

When his suspension was lifted, at 7 a.m., Trump did not return to the social network immediately. Time in Washington. Only hours earlier, his deputy chief of staff, Dan Scavino, issued a brief statement promising a “orderly transition” of power on his behalf – even as he emphasized that he “absolutely disagrees” with the election’s outcome.

On Facebook, Trump’s suspension will last a full 24 hours for the same posts, the social network said.

Some derided the 12-hour suspension, the first faced by the president in his four years in office, as not significant enough for the harm caused by tweets that seemed to help and promote the far-right mob that stormed the U.S. Building a Capitol.

“Facebook, Twitter and YouTube need to suspend Donald Trump’s social media accounts,” said Eric Naing, media relations officer for Muslim Advocates, an American civil rights organization. “After today’s mob violence at the U.S. Capitol, it is clear that the president’s social media accounts are the world’s most prominent organizing tool for violent white nationalists. For years, social media companies did little or nothing while President Trump used their platforms to incite violence, spread hate, and put people’s lives in danger – all in clear violation of company policies.”
Weak alerts or a strategy of suppressing such posts selectively after the harm has already been done will do nothing to curb the firestorm of hatred, abuse, theories of conspiracy, and white nationalism emanating from the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts of the president. What we saw today was not the beginning of this violence and it will not be the end. The only way to protect the public is to protect the public.
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Mick Mulvaney, former White House chief of staff, has resigned as special envoy for Northern Ireland from his post. In an interview with CNBC, he stated:
Last night, I called Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to let him know that I was resigning from that position.

I couldn’t do that.

I can’t stay. Those who want to stay choose to stay, and I’ve spoken to some of them, because they’re afraid the president could nominate a worse person.
Mulvaney is leaving his place in office with Donald Trump for just thirteen days.

Yesterday, as the Capitol was stormed, he tweeted harshly of the president’s behavior, writing, “Now is the time for the president to be presidential. He can stop this now and needs to do just that.”

For us today, Lawrence Douglas writes:: Don’t blame Trump for Washington DC’s turmoil.

Blaming his enablers

Not the only agitators in the Capitol building yesterday were the Trump backers who stormed Congress; large numbers were already gathering in the chambers of lawmakers long before any barriers were broken.

These insurgents were seated in their crisp suits when Nancy Pelosi opened the joint session, unlike the agitators in their MAGA hoodies and Army fatigue coats. They are graduates of our prestigious schools: Princeton and Harvard Law, Stanford and Yale Law School. They are well aware that Trump lost a fair election decisively. Yet they chose to align themselves opportunistically with a potentially lethal assault on our democracy.

But it’s futile to blam Trump for the abuse. Those who followed this President knew that he was never going to concede defeat. Trump has practically been our subversive-in-chief over the past two months, working overtime to reverse a Democratic election. Finally, Mitch McConnell said yesterday, “back in the cage”-overlooking the fact that he had fed and nurtured the beast for years. But compared to the tinny sounds coming from Ted Cruz, McConnell’s belated defense of democracy sounds admirable.

Cruz is already portraying himself as Trump 2.0; a smoother demagogue, smarter, more articulate. In abundance, Trump lies; Cruz dresses his lies in the mantle of rational logic. We heard yesterday,


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