Three killed in Kabul bombings and shootings


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According to officials, at least three people were killed in a bombing and shooting in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Tuesday, including a deputy provincial governor.

A sticky bomb attached to an armored vehicle belonging to Kabul’s deputy provincial governor killed two people and wounded two others, according to Afghan interior ministry spokesman Tariq Arian.

Mahbobullah Mohibi, the deputy provincial governor and apparent target of the attack, was killed along with his secretary, while two of his bodyguards were injured, Arian said.

The bombing took place in the Kabul neighborhood of Macrorayan.

Ferdaws Faramarz, spokesman for Kabul’s police chief, said that in the other attack in Kabul, gunmen shot a policeman and wounded another police officer. An investigation, he added, is under way.

No one immediately assumed liability for the attacks in Kabul.

In recent months, the so-called Islamic State group has asserted responsibility for many attacks in the capital, including attacks on educational institutions that have killed as many as 50 individuals, most of them students.

The Taliban have fought fierce battles against IS fighters, particularly in eastern Afghanistan’s IS strongholds, while continuing their rebellion against Afghan government forces.

Separately, the Afghan Ministry of Defense said Tuesday that a Taliban assault was repelled by the army in the Arghandab district in the southern province of Kandahar.

There were at least seven Taliban fighters killed, it said.

The ministry announced on Monday that authorities were investigating claims that around a dozen civilians, including children, were killed in a suspected airstrike in Arghandab over the weekend.


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