The first female train drivers in modern history were employed by the Moscow Metro


The government has removed the career of train driver from the list of occupations deemed detrimental to the health of women.

For the first time in its recent history, the Moscow Metro has employed female train drivers since Russian legislation made reforms banning women from joining many occupations. The transport system of the Russian capital, which manages the spreading metro network, said in a statement that “the first female electric train drivers in modern history have started work for the Moscow Metro. ” Due to the automation of mechanical processes, the Moscow Transport Ministry said that running trains no longer “involves heavy physical effort” The previous register was approved in 2000 and barred women from joining mining and metalworking occupations, as well as positions such as bus driver, sailor, parachutist, car mechanic and even wind instrument manufacturer. The country’s rail monopoly, Russian Railways, has already announced plans to employ female train drivers beginning in 2021.


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