The Electoral College confirms the presidential win of Joe Biden


Joe Biden was decisively supported by the Electoral College as the next U.S. president, ratifying his win in November in a federal rejection of President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede.

A strong majority of 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232 electoral votes was given to Biden by the electoral college, the same margin Trump touted as a landslide when he won the White House four years ago.

Why Jan. 6 in the U.S. election is a crucial date – a peek at what’s next

In several states, heightened protection was in place as voters met to cast their ballots, with masks, social distancing and other commonplace measures.

The findings will be submitted to Washington and analyzed in a joint Congressional session on Jan. 6, led by Vice President Mike Pence.

Given Trump’s unsupported fraud allegations, there was little uncertainty and no change as each of the electoral votes allocated to Biden and the president officially went to each man in last month’s popular vote.

The Democrat defeated the incumbent Republican by more than 7 million votes nationally on Election Day in the popular vote.

The 55 electoral votes in California brought Mr. Biden victory. The first state to report was Vermont, with three ballots. Hawaii was last, with four ballots.

Once again, in America, the rule of law, our Constitution, and the people’s will have prevailed. Our democracy has proven resilient, true and strong, beset, checked, threatened,”Once again, the rule of law, our Constitution, and the will of the people have prevailed in America. Our democracy – beset, tested, threatened – has proven resilient, true and strong,”

He renewed his campaign pledge to be the president of all Americans, whether or not they voted for him, and said the nation is working hard on the virus and the economy ahead of it.

There was no concession from the White House, despite the ratification, where Mr. Trump proceeded to make unsupported fraud claims.

According to White House and campaign aides, Mr. Trump stayed in the Oval Office, calling supporters and fellow Republicans while keeping an eye on the continuing Electoral College count.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been named ‘Person of the Year’ by TIME Magazine.

The president also retired to the private dining room outside the Oval Office to watch the election on television, arguing that the election was treated like a mini-election night by the cable networks while giving little airtime to his challenges.

The president was increasingly dissatisfied with the scale of national “Stop the Steal” protests, as well as GOP attempts to create their own electoral college in the states.

The legal problems will proceed until Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, according to noises coming from the Trump camp.

“I’m concerned that the country has an illegitimate president, that’s what I’m concerned about. A president who has lost and lost badly.”I’m worried that the country has an illegitimate president, I’m worried about that. A president who has badly lost and lost.


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