Students abducted but soon rescued by armed men in Nigeria


More than 80 students from an Islamic school in Nigeria were abducted by armed men. However, according to the police, the students were soon saved by security forces after a fierce firefight.

The foiled abduction in the state of Katsina comes less than two days after the release on Dec. 11 of 344 students abducted in the same city.

The incidents in northern Nigeria have highlighted the insecure situation.

The attempted abduction on Saturday night took place in Dandume, about 40 miles from Kankara, the town where the schoolboys’ earlier abduction took place.

Katsina state police spokesman Gambo Isa said early Sunday morning that the bandits had already abducted four people and stolen a dozen cows when they met the schoolchildren who were on their way home from a celebration.

Following a firefight, police and a neighborhood self-defense group saved the children from the robbers, he said.

Isa said in a statement, “The teams succeeded in driving away the bandits and rescuing all 84 abducted victims and recovering the 12 looted cows,”

“Search teams are still combing the area to arrest the injured bandits and/or recover their bodies.”

According to locals, Dandume, an area bordering the northern part of Kaduna state, is one of the region’s hot spots for bandits and kidnappings.

For many of us, Dandume is a no-go area because of the high number of crimes and insecurity perpetrated by armed bandits,”Dandume is a no-go area for many of us because of the high number of crimes and insecurity perpetrated by armed bandits,”

“Despite government efforts to open up the area by building roads leading from urban centers to the hinterland of Dandume … banditry continues,” Lawal said.

“Bandits block the Dandume-Sabuwa Highway on several occasions to attack travelers.

“For this reason, many people have left the new route.”


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