Run-off elections in Georgia: Democrat Raphael Warnock wins Senate fight – live battle


The prospect of a double Democratic win in the runoff in Georgia — and the consequent upheaval in U.S. power. The Senate – would send a trifecta to the Democrats in charge of the White House and both houses of Congress – would significantly expand their ability to implement a radical agenda – and placed the 2020 elections in a new light.

How would the Georgian news on Capitol Hill on Wednesday sound, where some visionary Republican politicians have planned to oppose democracy and spread wildly unfounded electoral fraud conspiracy theories that are central components of their personal brands?
A joint session of Congress is expected to hold Wednesday’s symbolic count of electoral votes and declare Joe Biden the presidential election winner.

But Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who are planning to run for president in 2024, and other Republicans have said that they will oppose the process.

In lockstep with Trump and his post-election message (lie) that the election was robbed and he was the only winner, both Republican Senate candidates in Georgia ran.

In Georgia, the message did not go down too well.

Is it now clear to the visionary Republican politician that by asking Congress to reject the results of a free and fair referendum, the smart move before 2024 is to make himself popular for pushing lockstep allegiance to Trump to previously unthinkable heights?

Applebaum Anne
The Cruz/Hawley assault on U.S. voters immediately seems even dumber and more thoughtless with the news out of Georgia.

Maybe some Georgians don’t like the fact that other senators don’t want their votes to count in other states? Are any other Americans maybe feeling the same way?

6th January, 2021

If something signals the end of the Trump era, it is the historic victory of Rev. Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate election, which is a potential turning point.

Warnock would be the only African-American senator from the Deep South, along with Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Yet Warnock is going to be the first Southern black Democrat ever to win a U.S. Seat in the Senate.

The victory of Warnock, which follows the victory of Joe Biden in Georgia, seems to be a clear indication that black activists and organizers are successfully transforming the politics of the Old South, winning not only presidential elections, but also scrappy, logistics-intensive runoff elections where Democrats have failed to attract votes in the past.

It comes after years of concerted campaigns by advocates from Black Lives Matter and serially replicated scenes of lethal police brutality against people of color, and at the bitter end of a white supremacy-empowering presidency.

Warnock, a Southern Baptist preacher and Democrat, the son of a farm worker, is entering the United States. Senate with an electorate that has never been represented there in history in certain respects.

Jemele Hill Jemele Hill
@jemelehill] @jemelehill]]
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but as the Atlanta Dream and WNBA players threw their full support behind him and boosted his national profile, Reverend Raphael Warnock was at 9 percent in the polls. He’s also the first black senator from Georgia.

6th January, 2021

Elie Mystal Elie Mystal
(@ElieNYC) (in German)
Just the 11th black person to serve in the United States will be Raphael Warnock. Senate in the history of the nation, and as @chrislhayes said, he will be the *first* elected from a state in the former Confederacy to his seat.

6th January, 2021

Joy We’ve Voted!!! A MASK WEAR!!! Reid) (Reid)
(@JoyAnnReid) (in German)
In the novel, there is poetry. Only the 11th black United States will become @ReverendWarnock.

Senator, the first in Georgia and the fourth from the South. The first two ran during Reconstruction from the then-liberal, anti-slavery Republican Party. The third emerged from the anti-Obama tea party.

Jan. 6, 2021

Lil Uzi Hurt
When Warnock was born, both Georgia senators were segregationists. Now he’s the state’s first black senator.

6th January, 2021

Reverend Raphael Warnock
I love puppies!

November 14, 2020

Along with the hashtag #byeMitch, the takes are lighting up late-night U.S. political Twittering.

If the clearing smoke does indeed reveal a double Democratic victory (!) in the Georgia state runoff (!), the culprits for Republicans’ losses in contests that once seemed theirs to lose will likely be


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