Nicaraguan tale about Covid, far from the facts


John Perry (Letters, Dec. 31) indicates that we should benefit from Covid’s management of the Nicaraguan government. He does not note that 700 health workers in Nicaragua wrote an open letter imploring the government to recognize the extent of the crisis, or that at least 10 health workers have been fired for criticism of the government’s response.

An independent citizen watchdog has been developed to try to monitor infection rates in the absence of reliable government data. On December 21, a law was passed by the Nicaraguan National Assembly granting President Daniel Ortega the right to arbitrarily mark people as “traitors to the country” and bar them from running for office. The new law means that there will be no free and fair elections scheduled for November 2021. There are no lessons to be learned from the policies of Ortega, but much more focus is needed for Nicaragua to descend into dictatorship.

Dr. Hilary Francis of the University of Northumbria


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