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Capitol Hill’s Sudden Uncertainty.

Kaitlan Collins of CNN now informs that the office of Mike Pence reveals that tomorrow he will preside over proceedings in Congress to certify the Electoral College vote confirming the win of Joe Biden in the presidential election in November.

Collins of Kaitlan
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According to his office, Pence is also scheduled to preside over certifying the election results tomorrow.

5th January, 2021

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley will preside over the verification of election results by the Electoral College in the U.S. Tomorrow’s Congress, which will formally certify Joe Biden’s November election win over Donald Trump – not Mike Pence.

Roll Call Call
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NEW: Sen. of Iowa.

Charles E. Grassley, pro tempore president of the Senate, says that he, not Vice President Mike Pence, will preside over the approval vote for the Electoral College because “we don’t expect him to be there.”

5th Jan., 2021

It was believed that in his capacity as President of the United States, Vice President Mike Pence will preside over tomorrow’s vote. Under the United States Senate Uh. Constitution.

Last night, Pence came under massive pressure from Donald Trump to bring about a reversal of the election result, although the task of anyone who presides over Congress tomorrow is merely to publicly count the votes of the Electoral College that went to Biden, not to arbitrarily decide the election outcome.

And now it seems that Pence is not going to be in the hot seat and may not be in attendance at all. If any super-loyalist Republican outsiders object and are expected to vote against certifying the results of the Electoral College, a major showdown is expected, futile as it would be.

There have been no announcements made yet and we are waiting for clarification.

Fandos Nicholas
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A Grassley spokesman clarifies that the Senator “has no indication that Pence will not be in attendance.” Grassley, he said, simply wanted to confirm that he would preside as the Senate’s president pro tempore if Pence did not turn up or take a break at points.

5th January, 2021

In Georgia’s runoff polls, a record three million voters took advantage of early voting, casting their ballots before the official polling day.

For a runoff election, this is an extraordinary amount.

And many are going in person to the polls today.

My colleague in the Guardian election law writer, Sam Levine, was in Atlanta this morning and sent this report:
A steady stream of voters poured in on a cold Tuesday morning at Antioch Baptist Church, a polling place in Atlanta’s English Avenue neighborhood.

Most voters were in and out in less than 5 minutes – all wearing masks – a welcome relief in a state that last year saw hours-long lines before voting.

Two years ago, Gabi Strode, 27, who moved to Georgia, said it was exciting to vote in a competitive election deciding which party dominates the U.S. From the Senate.

Sam Levine Sam Levine
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Gabi Strode, 27, said it was kind of “surreal” to take part in this election and see her vote count.

5th January, 2021

“Being part of this special election is memorable because I feel like my vote actually counted this time,” she said. “It’s surreal, kind of.”
Stephanie Lupo, 30, who works as an academic advisor, said seeing how much their vote counted was “kind of cool” for Georgians.

“It showed people in Georgia how important it is to vote,” she said. When the whole world is looking at you and paying attention, your vote might be important all of a sudden.

The nation’s capital has mobilized the National Guard in anticipation of potential unrest to avoid demonstrations planned for today and tomorrow by Donald Trump supporters in conjunction with the congressional election scheduled for tomorrow afternoon to validate the victory of Joe Biden.

“Trump supporters are organizing a rally to promote the unproven president’s allegations of widespread voter fraud. “There are individuals who are planning to come armed to our city,” DC Acting Police Chief Robert Contee said yesterday, reports The Associated Press.

A pro-Trump rally in December ended in violence as hundreds of Trump supporters, wearing the signature black and yellow of the far-right Proud Boys faction, sought confrontations with a collective of local activists trying to bar them from Black Lives Matter Plaza, an area near the White House.

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