Honor to a refugee farmer from Ethiopia who worked for integration in Italy


Agitu Ideo Gudeta, who was killed on Wednesday, used abandoned land to launch a goat breeding project employing migrants and refugees.

Agitu Ideo Gudeta was assaulted and killed by a former employee at her farm in Trentino on Wednesday. In 2010, after angering authorities by engaging in demonstrations against “land grabs.” Gudeta left Addis Ababa. Once in Italy, she doggedly followed her dream of moving to the mountains and starting her own farm. She reclaimed 11 hectares around an old barn in the Mòcheni Valley, where she began her farm, La Capra Felice (The Happy Goat), taking advantage of permits that give farmers access to abandoned public land in depopulated areas. Gudeta started with a herd of 15 goats that grew to 180 in a few years, producing organic milk and cheese using environmentally friendly methods and employing migrants and refuelling “I created my space and made myself known, there was no resistance to me,”I created my space and made myself known; there was no resistance to me. “Agitu brought the dream she couldn’t achieve in Ethiopia to Italy, partly because of land grabbing,”Agitu brought the dream she could not achieve in Ethiopia to Italy, partly due to land grabbing. “Her farm was successful because she applied what she learned from her rural grandparents, ‘Whole families arrive on our shores.’ Covid drives Tunisian exodusRead more “Many people in Italy have called her company an integration model.

Agitu, however, dreamed of creating an environmentally friendly farm that was more than just a business; it was also a sign for her of the fight against class inequalities and the belief that it is possible to live in harmony with nature.

And above all, with love, she carried out her work.

In an era where immigrant animosity was on the rise, led by far-right political figures, various media outlets cited her success story as an example of how integration would help communities. She said in a 2017 interview with Internazionale, “The greatest satisfaction is when people tell me how much they love my cheese because it’s good and tastes different,” “It makes up for all the hard work and prejudice I’ve had to overcome as a woman and an immigrant. “She received death threats two years ago and was the victim of racial assaults, which she reported to the police and chronicled in her social media posts. But the police said a man who admitted to raping and killing the farmer was a former employee who allegedly acted for “economic reasons.” “pained” the agency said. The refugee agency said it was “demonstrated how refugees can contribute to the societies that host them.” by Gudeta’s death and that its creative spirit “Despite her tragic end, UNHCR hopes that Agitu Ideo Gudeta will be remembered and celebrated as a model of success and inclusion, inspiring refugees struggling to rebuild their lives,” “We spoke on the phone last week,” Ghermandi said. “We spoke about Ethiopia for two hours. In the spring, we had plans to meet.

Agitu treated Italy as her home.

In Ethiopia, she always said she suffered too much. Agitu is now gone, but her work must not die. We will soon begin a fundraising drive to fulfill her plan to grow the company so that her dream lives on. “On New Year’s Day, Gudeta would have turned 43.”


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