Gang of pro-Trump rioters storming Capitol expected in court


The police chief reports that some arrests were due to curfew breaches, while others were detained on suspicion of unlicensed or banned weapons

An original batch of rioters that stormed the United States On Wednesday, Capitol was scheduled to be in court in Washington DC to stand trial on Thursday, at the urging of Donald Trump in his unsuccessful effort to reverse his election loss. After a pro-Trump mob of several hundreds attacked the U.S. congressional government’s seat in a blatant invasion of security that was barely resisted in its initial stages by the thin ranks of law enforcement, police stepped up their hunt for violent criminals on Thursday. In a late-night news conference on Wednesday, Washington Metropolitan Police Department Chief, Robert Contee, said 47 of the 52 arrests to date were related to violations of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s 6pm to 6am curfew imposed as the violence unfolded, with 26 of those including individuals detained on U.S. Capitol g. On Thursday, the total number of people arrested was increased to 68. “We still have a significant amount of work ahead of us to identify and hold each and every one of the violent mobs responsible for their actions,” said Contee. Many others were arrested on charges of possessing unlicensed or banned weapons. It was not immediately clear on Thursday how many individuals would be charged in court. Contee also told journalists that two pipe bombs were seized from the offices of the Republican and Democratic National Committee, as well as a cooler from a U.S. truck. Capitol grounds containing Molotov cocktails. During the Capitol violence on Wednesday, a total of four people died, including a woman who was shot by a Capitol police officer when rioters attempted to break through the House chamber and tried to smash through a door. Contee refused to identify the woman and said that notification of next of kin was pending, although her family members identified her as Ashli Babbitt, 35, who was an ardent Trump supporter and had traveled from San Diego, California, to Washington to protest the results of the election. The President addressed the protest rally outside the White House on Wednesday, during which he encouraged the crowd to then march on the Capitol as members of Congress were in the process of certifying in support of Joe Biden the official results of the November election. When the Capitol was stormed early in the afternoon, the process was halted, and finally resumed at 8 p.m., with Biden’s victory certified shortly before 4 a.m. Thursday. Contee added that three more people were injured on Wednesday due to medical emergencies, and 14 police officers were injured – two of whom remained hospitalized. It was not clear if additional arrests had been made by other federal or state police departments, including the Capitol Police. The number of people detained is likely to increase, but the initial number pales compared to the more than 300 people arrested by police during the demonstrations in the District of Columbia on June 1 in connection with the police murder of George Floyd, which was mostly peaceful and did not include attacks on any buildings that form the seat of power in the U.S. capital. The mayor of Washington DC, Bowser, said the police plan to ask the public for help in identifying rioters, many of whom posed inside the Capitol for photographs and can be seen without masks in viral social media videos. The FBI also asked the public later on Wednesday to send tips, such as photographs, videos and other material, to help agents identify individuals who are “actively inciting violence. ” Bowser also extended a declaration of public emergency for 15 days, an action she said she might take to limit the movements of people in the city if necessary.

On Jan. 20, Biden is expected to take the oath of office.


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