Fat cats: We all love a “fat” cat, but we must avoid the online trend.


Name: Fat cats. Age: Possibly not older than 10 years, since they appear to die young. You certainly mean delightfully cuddly. Oh, who’s that handsome kid? Turn around and let your tummy tickle me.

Don’t be absurd. That’s exactly the KILLS CATS kind of attitude. What are you talking about? The internet is now full of photographs of obese cats that are cute to their owners, but are in fact a health disaster and can barely fit through a cat flap, let alone climb onto a ledge.

The only time they leap is when the food bowl is filled by their owner – that is not ideal.

In any event, as Instagram accounts like Round Boys and Round Animals sadly do with their hundreds of thousands of followers, floppy cats should not be encouraged. And who gets upset about meaty moggies? Purina, the Nestlé-owned pet food firm, appears to have started rolling the ball – strange, as you’d think those businesses would want to sell as much pet food as possible. Capitalism of the fat cat. Quality is Purina’s motto, not quantity.

Libby Sheridan, Purina UK and Ireland’s veterinary professional affairs chief, says cat owners have a “skewed perception” of what constitutes a good weight. She says, “People think their pets should be cuddly,”

Cuddliness can be lethal, though! “The fat finger is clearly being pointed at the Internet craze of posting pictures of cuddly tabbies. Not just Round Boys on Instagram, but the Facebook group This Cat Is Chonky, dedicated to the big cat, has more than 850,000 members since its May 2018 launch.Chonky? Internet slang for “chunky.” The “chonk scale” became a meme in 2018, with “chonkness” measured on a BMI chart that ranged from “A” to “A “That sounds fun.

“Indeed, and “No chonk shaming” is Rule 1 of the Chonk Club. But the new pet puritans think a little pet (and owner) shaming is now in order.

Uh, brutal.

Are there any exceptions? It is possible that fat cats on a diet are OK.

Since his owners, Megan Hanneman and Mike Wilson, took him home from a Michigan cat shelter nearly three years ago, when he weighed 15 pounds, a cat named Bronson has 267,000 followers on Instagram. They’ve chronicled his weight loss online, and he’s now half the cat he once was. ‘A big cat on a diet is a guilt-free way to track an obese cat,’ Wilson says.

“With a purpose, cat porn. Not to be confused with: the photos on the Internet of fat dogs, penguins, seals and hedgehogs that also abound. Say, “Come on, kitty, time on the treadmill for your hour. ” Don’t say, “The purple! “


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