Capitol Hill: Twitter removes “like” and “respond” features on the video of Donald Trump “due to the risk of violence”


Twitter “due to a risk of violence.” has removed the retweet, like and reply functions of a Twitter video posted by Donald Trump.

In the video, Mr. Trump addresses his supporters who had fought in Washington DC with police and forced the US Capitol building to be locked down.

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“need to go home now,”need to go home now,”We don’t want anybody to get hurt,”We don’t want anybody to get hurt,”this was a fraudulent election.”this was a fraudulent election. Pictures
-Donald J. Trump, January 6, 2021(@realDonaldTrump)

Twitter added a notice to the video that read, “This claim of election fraud is controversial and this tweet cannot be replied to, retweeted or liked due to the risk of violence.”

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“Regarding the ongoing situation in Washington, D.C., we are proactively working to protect the health of the public conversation taking place on the service and will take action against any content that violates Twitter rules.” the @TwitterSafety account also tweeted Wednesday.

It goes on to state, “In addition, we have significantly limited engagement with tweets flagged under our civic integrity policy due to the risk of violence. This means these flagged tweets can no longer be replied to, retweeted or liked.”


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