California bombs after Trump tweets the wrong number for lawmakers in Michigan


Trump urged supporters to contact the former Michigan speaker in an attempt to reverse the election outcome, but posted the wrong phone number

After Donald Trump’s campaign staff mistakenly posted the Michigan native’s phone number instead of that of a Michigan state senator, a California resident reported he was bombarded with calls and text messages. In the recent attempt by the president to reverse presidential election results, campaign employees called on Twitter and Facebook users to contact Michigan State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and former State House Speaker Lee Chatfield to decertify his presidential vote and jeopardize the victory of Joe Biden.

With more than 150,000 votes, Biden won the state. The campaign posted what they thought was Chatfield’s phone number.

Instead, the phone number of O Rose, which runs on a shortened first name, was mistakenly included.

Rose told the Petoskey News-Review that soon afterwards, her phone started ringing off the hook. “I told them I wasn’t Lee Chatfield, but they still wouldn’t believe me,” she said. “It was just a series of people gradually denying reality. “Chatfield was also misidentified by the post as the new speaker.

Still, Trump re-shared it on his own Facebook page to more than 35 million followers, amplifying the fake contact data for his angry supporters.

Rose later reported to The Washington Post that thousands of angry Trump voters around the country had received calls and text messages from them. “My phone can’t bear it anymore, either.

It splits,’ she said. “I’ve been getting so many calls that it’s been impossible to do anything with my phone. “After a friend of her father’s, who believed they had reached the Michigan state representative, Rose learned of the mistake, sending them a text instead.

Rose tried to kindly correct the misinformed callers at times, but many were hostile, they said. They soon got pictures of rabbits, cake recipes and threats, Rose said.

A screenshot shared with the News-Review showed Rose responding to a customer that “this is NOT Rep. Lee’s number,” adding that they were “a random citizen. ” The sender responded “so you say.” after being told that the wrong number was posted by the Trump campaign. “They still think I’m [Chatfield], and they keep trying to tell me what they want, and they say, ‘I’m sending this to the president!'”I’m sending this to the president!

Despite the attempts, the initial articles challenging the validity of the election continue to rise. “I’m personally affected by a decision [the Trump team]made without fact checking, and that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” Rose added, confirming plans to change her phone number.A native of Petoskey, Michigan, the former customer service representative relocated to the West Coast to escape the Midwest, saying “it still follows me, apparently.”


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