As French police give chase, wine thieves take to the bottle


Burglars who stole Burgundy wine worth 350,000 euros threw bottles at police as they raced down the highway

As they raced down the highway at high speed, the burglars, who made off with grands crus wines worth an estimated €350,000, started hurling their loot at police. The luxury Relais Château Hotel Domaine de Rymska Saint-Jean-de-Trézy, 30 km from Beaune in Burgundy and a two-hour drive from Paris, was attacked by robbers at 5:15 a.m. Morning on Tuesday. They smashed the wine cellar door open and escaped with hundreds of bottles of Burgundian wine. Set in almost 200 acres of hills surrounded by woods and fields, the owner of the hotel was reportedly awakened by the sound of the fire alarm. He jumped into his car and managed to keep up with the gang’s van as it ran through the country roads before reaching the A6 Autoroute de Soleil to Lyon while calling for reinforcements. A Gendarmerie patrol joined the chase, but the robbers started tossing wine bottles at the pursuing vehicle as they approached the van loaded with wine.

Investigators say no one was injured and their target was missed by the bottles fired at the windshield of the gendarmerie’s vehicle. An investigation has now been initiated and police say they are searching for at least three men. It was the second break-in in two days at the five-star hotel. Just 24 hours ago, robbers broke into the property and robbed from the same cellar 200,000 euros worth of fine wines. The alarm didn’t go off this time.

Investigators are trying to figure out whether the same group orchestrated the two burglaries.


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