Around Covid curfew hour, police in France break up the New Year’s rave.


Partygoers from France and other countries gathered at the Lieuron hangar (Brittany)

To find and prosecute the leaders of an underground party that attracted at least 2,500 people amid the coronavirus curfew in western France, a judicial investigation has been opened, the Interior Minister said.

Gérald Darmanin tweeted that on Saturday morning, 36 hours after it started, police activity around the site in Lieuron, Brittany, “led to the end of the illegal party without violence”

He said more than 1,200 individuals were fined for failing to follow the curfew, not wearing a mask and engaging in an unlawful meeting.

Ravers from France and abroad gathered Thursday night at a hangar in Lieuron to welcome the New Year.

Officials said that on the first night, some of the partygoers assaulted police, torching a car and wounding officers with volleys of bottles and rocks.

For engaging in an unlawful gathering, breaking curfews and not wearing masks, about 800 of the revelers were fined. Emmanuel Berthier, head of the Ille-et-Vilaine prefecture, told reporters that the rest were warned primarily about the consumption of illicit drugs.

Five arrests have taken place and sound and lighting equipment has also been seized, he said.

Despite a national nighttime curfew in France, the party took place to prevent people from meeting during the pandemic.

After the pandemic broke out, the country has already implemented two national curfews. In mid-December, the latest was relaxed, but restaurants and bars remain prohibited and when they will be allowed to reopen is not clear.

France has recorded more than 64,000 deaths associated with coronavirus.


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