Anarchy in the USA’: What the media are writing about the U.S. Capitol storm


Worldwide front pages report on Washington D.C. brutality in an assault on democracy
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Shaken America: Pro-Trump Violent Mob Storms Capitol Building

News coverage around the world has been dominated by the extraordinary and violent scenes which unfolded in the US Capitol building on Wednesday. The Guardian holds a Capitol rotunda scene packed with a pro-Trump crowd waving the flag of its leader, “Chaos as pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol.” A quote from the U.S. is highlighted. Guardian front page, Thursday, January 7, 2021: Anarchy as pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol The Guardian (@guardian) January 6, 2021 President-elect Joe Biden, who said, “Our democracy is under attack like nothing we have seen in modern times. ”
The New York Times bears the banner “Mob incited by Trump storms Capitol” on its digital front page.

Columnist Nick Kristoff writes: “In American history, this is an appalling and shameful day.”

A president has caused rioters to storm the U.S. Capitol and threaten the legislative process of electing a new president, Dan Balz writes in the Washington Post, saying that U.S. democracy has been debased. “Instead of a moment of celebration of free and fair elections in the world’s largest democracy, Wednesday will be remembered as a day that brought a frightening and predictable climax to two months of presidential lies. “The Daily Telegraph describes the riots as “democracy under siege” and says of the failed attack on the Capitol, “This is the final chapter in Trump’s toxic legacy for America.”

Tomorrow’s Telegraph front page:’ Democracy under siege’#TomorrowsPapersToday The Telegraph (@Telegraph) January 6, 2021 It bears the confrontational image of security officers with weapons drawn barricading the entrance to the House chamber.
The Daily Express talks in the UK of “anarchy in the U.S.” and writes that “opened the gates to violence and deaths. “EXPRESS: Vaccination: The big drive begins today #TomorrowsPapersToday Neil Henderson (@hendopolis) January 6, 2021
The Times also has a dramatic shot of police defending the floor of the House of Representatives on its front page, as well as a smaller image of the crowds outside. THE TIMES: U.S. Capitol under siege Neil Henderson (@hendopolis) January 6, 2021 The headline reads “U.S. Capitol under siege”
The Financial Times reports on the protests outside the building and the reluctance of Vice President Mike Pence to assist Trump to reverse the American voters’ will. “Rioters storm Congress after Pence defies Trump on election”Rioters Storm Congress After Pence Defies Trump on Election.
Metro also goes for “Anarchy in the US” and illustrates from a different perspective the same scene.

It notes that a bomb was discovered on the grounds of the Capitol and that a woman was wounded.

She has since died. TomorrowsPapersToday Metro (@MetroUK) January 6, 2021 Chaos IN THE US-Trump supporters storm Congress as the last effort to overthrow elections fails-Bomb discovered after being shot#TomorrowsPapersToday in Capitol grounds and woman ‘critical’
Thursday’s front page: Chaos in the USA as Trump incites thousands of demonstrators to storm the Capitol #TomorrowsPapersToday I newspaper (@theipaper) January 6, 2021 The I even goes for the anarchy angle in its headline, taking in the Democrats’ double win in Georgia’s Senate elections.
The Daily Mail offers only one image space for the protests, with the headline, “Trump’s hate mob storms the Capitol. “MAIL: Finally! #TomorrowsPapersToday Neil Henderson (@hendopolis) January 6, 2021 A turbo booster for jabs
The earlier – now predictable – front pages of Spiegel are still widely shared online.

It called Trump a “firebug” in June and said “A president sets his country on fire.”

La Repubblica Italian newspaper named “America’s coup day. ” Today, Loveday Morris (@LovedayM) January 6, 2021 Some past covers of Der Spiegel magazine are being shared again today.


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