Amid fears of new Covid variants, foreign tourists face restrictions in the UK


Reports claim there must be a negative screening for those who arrive, but carriers are excluded.
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Entering the U.K. by foreign travelers According to a senior government official, who suggested that people coming from abroad would have to show a negative coronavirus test. According to Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove, details of the proposals are to be revealed on Tuesday.

A negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before departure would reportedly have to be seen by passengers, but the proposals could go further.

Amid concerns that foreign travelers could bring new and more harmful variants of the virus with them, ministers have been under pressure to take more drastic steps. Neil O’Brien MP, who chairs the policy council of the prime minister, said Monday that Britain needed to crack down at the border harder-“because infections in developing countries are likely to last a long time, they need to last quite a while. “The airline industry has called for a two-test scheme in which passengers will be screened when they arrive at an airport in Britain and then again after a few. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps opted instead for a method in October that would require just one test, paid for privately and carried out in quarantine after five days. Last night I talked to the first ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland because we would like to collaborate on a UK-wide basis.

And we will soon be putting forward new ideas on exactly how to ensure that our borders are secure. “But the message is very, very clear to UK citizens: you should not travel.” There is, of course, a normal concern about immigrants coming into this country, and, as I said, very soon we will see more. Senior aviation sources said the government had planned to “According to the Times, senior aviation sources said the government had planned to ” the regulations, according to the Times, but that recent events, including the new South African version, have led to an acceleration in the implementation of measures. ” the rules, but that recent events, including the new South African variant, have led to an acceleration of the introduction of measures. ” He said, “I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do that,”


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