After the fire in buildings inhabited by squatters, two dead were found in Spain


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In Spain, firefighters discovered two bodies in an abandoned building inhabited by refugees and other squatters that had caught fire and collapsed partially.

In Badalona, a suburb of 200,000 people north of Barcelona, emergency workers are still extinguishing the fire and assessing if more individuals are trapped in the building.

At least 18 persons, including three who are in extremely critical condition, were injured, authorities said.

Catalonia’s acting regional president, Pere Aragones, said 60 people have been identified so far, but more than 100 squatters may have occupied the industrial building.

Work is underway to fully extinguish the fire and secure the building so that it can be safely entered and more people who might be trapped inside can be searched, Mr. Aragones told TVE, a Spanish public broadcaster.

Local media confirmed that some of the squatters in the abandoned building were African migrants who had taken refuge.

Mr. Aragones said several residents without permission were thought to be in Spain and had fled the scene without being dealt with until they escaped.

On top of the economic disaster in which a lot of people were already involved, there was a tragedy,”There was a tragedy on top of the economic tragedy that many of the people were already in,”

Miquel Samper, regional interior minister, said the authorities would investigate whether the fire was “accidental or intentional.”

After jumping out of the building to escape the fire, most of the wounded were treated for injuries, emergency coordinator Francisco Tebar told TVE.

Around 30 people were rescued from windows in many locations before the roof collapsed.

The building had been occupied for at least eight years, said Xavier Garcia Albiol, mayor of Badalona, adding that after drug sales and small robberies escalated in the area over the past two years, City Hall had begun evicting the building, creating problems with neighbors.


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