After pro-Trump mob invades Capitol, Congress debates election results challenge – live


Here are more information about (near) fisticuffs in the room.

From Lisa Desjardins
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Democrats got to their feet, from around the chamber several (a dozen?) started to move rapidly, almost running through the rows where Harris was.7.

Republicans began to do the same. 8.

A clerk – the Sgt. at Arms may have been – went much quicker to divide them. 2/.

7th January, 2021

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In the scrum, the deputy Sgt. at Arms turned up.
Just representative. When confrontations occur between members, she shows up and has the power to actually hit them with a mace if they don’t stop.

7th January, 2021

Time runs out for discussion on the opposition to Pennsylvania.

The objection was put to a vote by Pelosi. The Nos have it – and affirm the assurance of the outcome of Pennsylvania. The same objection was immediately rejected by the Senate, 92-7. A roll call vote is required in the House of Representatives.

That vote is taking place now. It is expected that the joint session will reconvene shortly. The Pennsylvania credential objection is opposed by Representative Adam Schiff of California, who headed the impeachment trials.

“Members of this body cannot continue to challenge the merits of an election that was fairly conducted and overwhelmingly won by Joe Biden,” Schiff says.

“Look at the damage that has been done … Isn’t that enough?” “As “debate” continues in the House, let’s pause briefly to note that last night, chavvy butt-dialer Rudy Giuliani committed another cell phone glitch, leaving a voicemail message apparently meant on someone else’s phone for freshman Republican Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville.

As “debate” in the House continues, let’s pause briefly to note that chavvy butt-dialer Rudy Giuliani last night committed another cell phone glitch, leaving a voicemail message apparently meant for freshman Republican Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville on someone else’s phone. In the post, to expand the current method, Giuliani encouraged “Tuberville” to oppose “any state”

As shown by the unsuccessful effort to object to the result in Michigan, no objection is legitimate in this process unless a senator supports it in writing.

As the failed attempt to object to the outcome in Michigan demonstrated, no objection in this process is valid unless it is supported in writing by a senator.

Tuberville joined the objections to the Arizona and Pennsylvania results, but not the others. Got it. Rex Chapman

Rex Chapman
Rudy Giuliani thought he was leaving Tommy Tuberville a voicemail about stalling the proceedings when Congress reconvened after the uprising. He left the voicemail on someone else’s phone….

There are a lot of Texas congressmen, and they all seem to be lining up to object to the election results in Pennsylvania.

There are a lot of Texas congressmen, and they all seem to be lining up to object to the election results in Pennsylvania.

Representative Roger Williams, a fifth-grader, is the youngest.

He wants to make a point. “I’m not ashamed, and neither are my colleagues here,” he says. “In fact, we’re proud of what we do and what we stand for.”

Fisticuffs? The chamber’s video feed showed the podium, so this skirmish was not televised. Matt Fuller of the HuffPost:

Matt Fuller
And in the House chamber, we almost had a fistfight break out.

I think it was Rep.

Andy Harris (R-Md.) and Colin Allred (D-Texas). Harris yelled, “He called me a liar!”

Jan. 7, 2021

Speaker Pelosi deals with a point of order from Republicans. They try to shout Lamb down for calling her a liar in an unparliamentary manner. Pelosi reprimands the Republicans who continue to shout. Pelosi kicks out the Republican congressman.

Lamb stops. “Who’s next?” says Pelosi, sounding a little impatient.

Now Conor Lamb, the moderate Democrat from Pennsylvania, is up. He provides some basic information about the electoral process in Pennsylvania.

I want to point out … that it was the Republican state legislature that passed a Republican law that set up the system [in the election]… and that the reason the president lost is because he wasn’t as popular as other Republicans in the state. He got fewer votes than all of them …

Those objections don’t deserve an ounce of respect.

A woman died out there tonight, and you make these objections …

Enough has been done today to try to take away the dignity of this Congress, and we don’t need to do any more.

Rep. Kat Cammack, a freshman Republican from Florida, thanks law enforcement for keeping order … and then objects to the election results in Pennsylvania.


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