After a promise to carry weapons to the U.S., police contact Republican Congressmen. Capitol City


Lauren Boebert posts a video of herself promising to carry a loaded Glock, causing police to inform her that a city traffic permit is necessary.

Most people beginning a new job have to worry about parking or nearby lunch stops, but Lauren Boebert, a U.S. participant, has to worry about parking or nearby lunch stops. Congress has made it clear that carrying a loaded Glock handgun to and from the Capitol every day is their most significant requirement. In the primary Senate runoff, Georgia voters go to the polls. Politics LiveRead MoreBoebert, a Republican, is one of the House’s newest representatives and has posted a nearly three-minute online video describing why she brings a pistol to Congress across the streets of Washington. Boebert claims the “skyrocketing” crime in Washington, her small stature, and her constitutional rights justice, with the gun in her waistband and seemingly striding down the streets. “One of the challenges of working in DC is that people here don’t understand how we live in the real America,” Boebert said of a city that has been the capital of America since 1790. The police chief of Washington said that his office will inform Boebert about the video because non-residents had to register weapons with the police of DC.

Congressmen can carry weapons in the U.S. Capitol, which is federal property, but to carry one through the surrounding Washington streets, a permit is required. In the District of Columbia, there are no exceptions,”There are no exceptions in the District of Columbia,” We plan to reach out to the office of the Congresswoman to make sure she understands what the rules of the District of Columbia are, what the limitations are.

“And that Congresswoman… will be subject to the same penalties as anyone else illegally caught carrying a firearm on a street in the District of Columbia.” According to the Washington Post, a spokesperson for Boebert said she did not bring the gun during the video shooting despite the opening scene.

Democrats who wanted to ban the carrying of weapons in the United States Capitol denounced Boebert’s video as an offensive stunt. In 1967, President Lyndon Johnson signed a law prohibiting members of the public from carrying guns on Capitol grounds.

Days later, an executive order exempted members of Congress from the statute, but also forbade them to carry weapons in any legislative chamber.

Lawmakers are not allowed to obtain approval from the Capitol Police, but according to the Washington Post, it is not clear how many representatives carry weapons on the floor. Boebert, one of the most outspoken supporters of Donald Trump, has constructed a political individual primarily around guns.

She is the owner of a restaurant in the town of Rifle, Colorado, called Shooters Grill, where workers are licensed to carry weapons and are given required gun training. When he ran for president, Boebert’s first political threats were targeted at Beto O’Rourke, vowing that O’Rourke will not take her guns from her, and has since styled herself as a supporter of the Second Amendment.


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