“a president’s words matter”the words of a president matter


President-elect Joe Biden condemned the scenes of abuse in the U.S. Capitol, which he claimed “bordered on riotous,” as he called for “demand an end to this siege.” by President Donald Trump.

The U.S. was invaded by demonstrators supporting President Donald Trump Capitol, prompting Joe Biden’s win in the November election to validate a delay in the constitutional process.

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“This is not dissent. It’s disorder. It’s chaos. It borders on sedition, and it has to stop now.”This is not dissent. It’s disorder. It’s chaos. It’s chaos. It’s bordering on sedition, and it must stop now.

“I call on this mob to stand down and let the work of democracy continue.”

He added, “The words of a president count, no matter how good or bad that president is, in a clear reference to President Trump.”

“A President’s words will, at best, inspire. They can incite, at worst.

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“I call on President Trump to appear now on national television to fulfill his oath to defend the Constitution and call for an end to this siege,” he said.

“Storming the Capitol, breaking windows, occupying offices, the floor of the United States Senate, rifling through desks … threatening the safety of duly elected officials, that’s not protest. It’s sedition.”

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To stop their actions, he called on those who stormed the Capitol to state that “our democracy is under unprecedented attack,” but added that it was carried out by “small number of extremists dedicated to lawlessness.”

“The scenes of chaos do not reflect the real America, they do not represent who we are.”

Asked at the Jan. 20 inauguration if he was concerned about his safety, Biden said, “I’m not worried about my safety, security or the inauguration.”


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