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Vodafone down: Mobile phone customers unable to use 4G internet or make calls for two hours

THOUSANDS of Vodafone customers struggled to use their mobile internet and make calls today after the network went down for two hours.

Frustrated customers took to Twitter to say they couldn’t use their 4G or 5G connections.

Some also complained about not being able to make calls.

At the height of the problem, outage tracker Downdetector was reporting complaints from more than 3,000 Vodafone customers.

The network glitch started at around 10am, with Vodafone confirming it was fixed at 12.30pm.

The outage appeared to be widespread across the UK, although Vodafone hasn’t confirmed which areas were affected.

The Vodafone service update webpage, where you can check for issues in your area, also temporarily went down.

This is now working again as normal.

Customers were tweeting Vodafone this morning to ask what was going on.

One said: “Anyone else having major issues with their Vodafone internet? No connection and nothing is loading. Unable to connect to either 4g/5g etc?”

A second tweeted: “Our Vodafone business mobile network is completely down! What’s happening? We need it restored ASAP please!”

Another asked: “What’s going on? Being told not connected to network then intermittently not being able to make calls.”

A fourth said: “Is there problems with the network today? I’m in Bristol and although it’s showing signal I’m unable to make calls.”

Vodafone acknowledged the network issue in replies to several customers.

It hasn’t revealed the cause of the problem.

It’s advising any customer who is still having problems to put their phone in airplane mode, or try restarting their handset.

A Vodafone spokesperson told The Sun: “We had an issue affecting mobile data this morning, which is now fixed.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this will have caused to customers.

“If any customers are still struggling to get connected, we suggest briefly putting your phone onto airplane mode, or doing a restart, and then trying again.”

We’ve asked how many people were affected and we’ll update this story when we know more.

Vodafone has around 27million mobile customers.

The network last went down in June 2020, leaving thousands of Brits unable to make calls across the UK.

The Sun has a guide on how you can check the status of your Vodafone service here.

Vodafone has a service checker so you so you can see if there is an issue in your area or nationwide.

You need to enter your postcode so it can give you an update for your area.

If you want to make a complaint then you an do via phone, letter or email.

Vodafone has a dedicated page on its website where you can find the complaints information.

Other outages include HSBC’s banking app going down for thousands of people yesterday.

TSB’s website and app crashed for three hours in April, leaving customers struggling to log in.

And in March, Lloyds and Halifax apps and internet banking went down.

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