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“The Home Edit” Ladies Talk Working With Reese Witherspoon & Reveal Their Messiest Celeb Client

Organization that will make you say “OMG.”

If you’re not already familiar with Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, you’ve almost certainly heard of their company, The Home Edit, which helps celebrities and everyday clients alike organize any space imaginable.

Soon, you’ll be able to watch these transformations, as the duo now has their own Netflix series, Get Organized with The Home Edit.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, Clea and Joanna stopped by Thursday, Sept. 10’s Daily Pop to talk all about the work they do, and of course, their many celeb clients!

Neil Patrick Harris, Eva Longoria, Rachel Zoe and Retta are just a few of the stars featured on the show, and as Clea and Joanna told E!’s Carissa Culiner, even though they’ve worked with celebrities for “years,” now, they still have “pinch me” moments all the time.

“It’s never not going to be surreal to walk into Reese Witherspoon‘s house,” Clea said.

Clea added that she and Joanna were particularly excited to work with Reese on the project featured on the Netflix series, “because we got to organize her memorabilia and her personal archive from past TV shows, movies, awards shows gowns, all sorts of stuff.”

Another star set to appear on Get Organized with The Home Edit? Khloe Kardashian—even though any Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan could tell you that she’s known for being a notoriously organized person!

“She could do our jobs in a second,” Clea laughed.

According to the duo, it’s clients like Khloe that require their A-game.

“When we walk into a mess we’re like, ‘Yes! We can help you,'” Joanna explained. “When it’s already almost perfect, it’s really stressful.”

Joanna and Clea certainly see their fair share of messes, though.

They even revealed their messiest celebrity client, though the title actually comes from the celebrity themselves: “Self-proclaimed—this is not our title—Jessie James Decker!”

The singer apparently refers to herself as “Messica Jessica,” and Joanna and Clea admitted they’ve organized her closet several times.

But hey, that’s one impressive closet!

Watch the rest of the Daily Pop interview in the above clip, and then check out 25 of The Home Edit’s jaw-dropping transformations by scrolling through the below gallery!

“Your house is our favorite place to organize because you are our neat freak soul sister, and the kindest heart on this planet,” the Home Edit team wrote to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star on Instagram. 

And somewhere out there Schitt’s Creek Moira Rose is crying into one of her many wigs over Khloe’s glam room set-up. 

“When @kimkardashian wanted to transition from plastic to glass, we were up for the challenge,” The Home Edit wrote of KKW’s minimalistic pantry refresh. Can you say #housegoals?

The adored couple’s closet is the ideal example of sharing is caring, with the country singer and the bestselling author each getting their half of the massive space.

It’s honestly surprising that Pinterest didn’t combust the day the fashion designer and The Home Edit came together. 

Oh. My. Goop. 

Why not her? Leave it to The Mindy Project creator and star to have the chicest playroom and nursery for her daughter Katherine, 2. 

She’s making us fee like a teenage organized dream with this stacked household closet that looks fresh as a daisy. 

“We used our turntables, bins, and baby bins – so basically, our idea of a good time,” The Home Edit shared of the new mom’s storage makeover. 

Looking at pics of Musgraves’ jewelry drawer makes us happy and sad at the same time. Happy ’cause it’s pretty and sad ’cause it reminded us all of our necklaces are tangled together. 

“Ew, David!” said no one ever after looking at the Schitt’s Creek creator and star’s swoonworthy pantry.

“Pantries are our speciality – especially for @instadanjlevy,” The Home Edit detailed the project. “Thrilled to help move him in because we… get the *vibe.*”

“We normally try to get clients to purge their closet, but @emmaroberts has such amazing stuff we were like just keep it all, it’s totally fine,” The Home Edit team shared of the American Horror Story actress’ enviable walk-in that is probably bigger than our apartment. 

Leave it to the cookbook author to have a fridge so stocked we’d have no interest in going out to eat. 

This is us fully losing our cool over Moore’s color-coordinated handbag collection.

Forget diamonds, shoes are clearly a girl’s best friends. And the reality star and country singer’s enviable collection are a color-coordinated dream. 

Um, no shade, but there’s no way any sneakerhead’s organization game is topping that of Wade’s. 

Is it weird if you suddenly want to live in a pantry? Asking for a friend…

The former Dallas Cowboys linebacker has a closet that even Carrie Bradshaw would tackle him for. 

The hills are alive with the sound of our envy over the reality TV star’s kitchen appliances.

The Home Edit turned the model’s bathroom into the very definition of organizational goals, with each makeup category getting its own bin, should you ever confuse bronzer and blush. 

Should you need a little inspo to organize your pantry today, look no further than the morning show anchor’s tidy shelves.

That shoe storage game? Timeless.

If the Oscar winner’s kitchen pantry doesn’t make you want to cook then nothing else will TBH. 

Will somebody give a woman a moment to bask in the glory of the Big Little Liars star’s carb storage game?

“Truly one of the loveliest people we’ve ever met,” the team gushed on Instagram.

Did you know the actress and model was one of The Home Edit’s first clients and serves as en executive producer on the Netflix series? Well, you do now!

The director of fashion partnerships at Instagram and a children’s book author turned to the team to make the inside of her refrigerator worthy of a fridge selfie.

“Our Nashville team organized Jana Kramer’s bathroom to perfection,” The Home Edit detailed of the podcast host’s project. “They used our drawers and divided bins for the micro categories, baskets for bulk items, and turntables on hard to reach shelves!”

Which transformation is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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