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Tesco is selling tubs of Quality Street, Celebrations, Heroes and Roses for just £4

TESCO is selling tubs of Quality Street, Celebrations, Heroes and Roses for £4 each so you can stock up for the festive season.

Okay, we know it’s only August, but the bargain buckets can set you back up to £5 each in the build up before Christmas so it’s worth cashing in on the deal now.

The Celebrations tubs of Mars chocolates, including Snickers, Bounty and Galaxy snacks, weigh 650g.

Asda and Morrisons has also begun stocking the Christmas chocolates, where the snacks also cost £4.

Nestle’s Quality Street tins, which come with chocolate toffee, fudge and coconut filled delights, come in the same size.

The only other store we could find stocking the tubs was the Coop where they cost £5 each, so you’ll be saving £1 at Tesco.

The Cadbury Heroes and Roses boxes are smaller and weigh 600g – 50g less than the Mars and Nestle options.

Cadbury Direct is selling the same size tub of chocolates for both ranges for a huge £8.09 each, so you’ll be saving more than half price per tin when shopping at Tesco.

Asda is selling a massive 800g tin of Heroes but the novelty size proves to be more expensive as it works out at £1 per 100g, compared to 67p per 100g for the smaller tub.

The £4 price tag isn’t the cheapest we’ve seen Tesco stock the chocs for ahead of the festive period either.

In 2019, the supermarket knocked £1.50 off the £5 price tag, making them £3.50 each.

Of course, the cheapest time of year to buy them is actually in January just after Christmas.

Supermarkets tend to dramatically slash prices in a bid to shift stock – last year Tesco reduced the cost to just £2.50.

Morrisons is currently doing a two for £5 deal on refill bags of Quality Street and Celebrations, making each bag cost £2.50, although they cost £4 a pop outside of the offer.

They’re ideal for topping up a tin that you’ve held onto from last year and you’ll save some cash too.

For example, a 450g Quality Street share bag will set you back 56p per 100g in the offer, saving you 6p per 100g compared to the tubs at Tesco.

Remember though, it’s only worth it if you’re taking advantage of the two fora fiver deal or else you’re getting less chocolate for your money.

Tesco has more than 3,400 stores across the UK. You can find your nearest one including contact details by using its store locator tool.

Christmas may be four months away but stores have already started stocking advent calendars and crackers.

Meanwhile, Greggs has confirmed that it will be bringing back its festive bake in November.

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