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Sainsbury’s is bringing back free LEGO cards when you spend £5

SAINSBURY’S is bringing back its free collectable Lego cards next week for shoppers who spend at least £5 in stores or online.

But unlike previous years, it won’t be running its swap shops in Sainsbury’s cafes – meaning parents won’t be able to meet up and trade cards to help their kids complete their collection.

The Lego cards will be given out for six weeks, starting from next Wednesday, September 16, until Tuesday October 27.

The supermarket gives out packs of four trading cards for free when you spend £10 or more in stores or online, excluding fuel, baby formula and cigarettes purchases.

Or if you’re shopping in a Sainsbury’s Local stores, you’ll get a pack of two cards for free when you spend at least £5.

The albums to place the cards in must be purchased separately though, with Sainsbury’s selling these for £2.50 including two packs of cards.

Customers can also buy extra “booster” packs of four cards for an extra 50p.

This year the theme is teaching kids about world foods, with the album showing where different ingredients come from.

There are 140 cards to collect in total, with over 400million handed out last time the offer ran in 2018.

As they’re only available for a limited time, parents are often left scrambling to try and help their children finish their collection before Sainsbury’s stops selling them.

Shoppers have also been left raging in previous years after the album to collect the trading cards sold out in stores but were being flogged on eBay for ten times the price.

Some parents have also been left disappointed after Sainsbury’s confirmed isn’t hosting its annual swap shop events this year, where mums and dads can meet up and trade cards.

Swap shops are organised by Sainsbury’s and are usually held in supermarket cafes.

It gives parents the chance to trade duplicate cards with other mums and dads so their child can complete their collection.

Posting on the HotUKDeals website, one person said: “No swaps makes it pointless for me…

“I had to swap a good 60+ [cards] to complete the album.”

Another said: “I still have a mountain of these from the other two promos and the heroes ones!

“I asked for numbers to fill our books and everyone just have me their swaps piles to look through if they’d finished their books!”

This is the third time Sainsbury’s has launched the Lego cards promotion.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Safety is our highest priority. That’s why this year we’re encouraging our customers to enjoy collecting the Lego cards and albums this year.

“The theme is ‘living amazingly’ with 140 cards to collect and seven chapters in the collectors album to fill.

“Each chapter focuses on a different continent, where Lego fans can learn about the importance of eating different food groups and their nutritional value in a fun and engaging way.”

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