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Poll: Are you opposed to co-living developments in Ireland?

The concept of co-living has proven controversial over the past number of years.

RESIDENTS IN DUBLIN have written to An Bord Pleanála in a bid to stop a co-living development popping up in their North Inner City neighbourhood. 

Co-living projects – where residents have their own unit of residence with bed and bathroom but share communal cooking and living areas – have been a controversial concept in Ireland with some describing them as modern tenements and a poor response to the housing crisis. 

Developers, however, insist co-living units will make up a small proportion of the housing market, will appeal to younger working professionals, and were never designed in response to the housing crisis. 

So today we’re asking: Are you opposed to co-living developments in Ireland?

Poll Results:

Yes, I’d prefer to see more houses and apartments  (6826)

No, I think they should be part of the market (2831)

I’m not sure (610)

Co-living proposal for Dublin's Liberties region.

Co-living proposal for Dublin’s Liberties region.

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