Little rainfall relief ahead for Victoria

Victoria has experienced one of its driest years in more than a century and spring is unlikely to bring much relief.

With the state’s overall winter rainfall about 20 per cent below average, the year to date is tracking to be the driest since 2009 – and the 11th or 12th driest in 119 years, the Bureau of Meteorology’s senior climatologist Blair Trewin’s says.

Falls in the southwest and Wimmera came in slightly above average, but well below average in the far north and East Gippsland.

“What we’re seeing for rainfall patterns both in August and in winter is fairly typical of a season where we’re dominated by westerlies,” Dr Trewin said.

Going into spring, there is a high chance of dry conditions across many parts of the state.

“The outlook’s not especially encouraging,” Dr Trewin added.


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