‘Last Man Standing’ fans excited by the show’s return but miss original Mandy actress

“Last Man Standing” returned from a lengthy hiatus on a new network to some of its highest ratings yet, and fans simply couldn’t contain their excitement to see the Baxter family back in action.

For those unfamiliar, “Last Man Standing” was one of ABC’s highest-rated shows before it was given the ax by the network in May 2017. After a lot of time off the air, and uproarious demand from fans, Fox revived the show for Season 7, which premiered on Friday.

As previously reported, the show won the Friday night ratings, exceeding anything it ever did on ABC with 8.01 million viewers. Obviously, fans turned up to support the show as it shifted to a new network, but their support didn’t end with tuning into the premiere. Several fans took to Twitter to show their excitement for the new adventures of the Baxter family.

“So glad #LastManStanding is back!!! Thank you @FoxTV @ofctimallen,” one user wrote.

“One of my favorite television shows is finally back on the air. Here’s to the Baxters!” another commented.

One user commented on the opening scene, which poked fun at the network change in a meta-joke about a show moving networks saying, “What a way to return! Happy to have the Baxter’s back.”

While fans by-and-large seemed to enjoy the return of some of their favorite sitcom characters, others couldn’t help but be a little turned off by the most jarring change to the show’s return, a new actress playing Mandy. It was previously revealed that actress Molly Ephraim would not return to her character in Season 7.

“When the show was canceled… [Molly] got involved in some different things, so when [Last Man Standing] came back, she was not able to do it,” EP Matt Berry told TVLine at the 2018 Television Critics Association summer press tour. “It’s unfortunate. We love her deeply. She’s a big part of who we were.”

She was replaced by Molly McCook in the Season 7 premiere, and fans noticed.

“Who else don’t like the new Mandy. Molly Ephraim was the best,” one user wrote.

“I miss Molly Ephraim…  not that Molly McCook doesn’t capture the essence of Mandy, but it’s not the same. They should’ve gotten Ephraims doppleganger, Allison Scagliotti,” another user wrote, along with a photo of the two actresses.

“Will the real Mandy please stand up…#missingmollye…but so glad you’re all back!!” someone else chimed in.

The show’s star, Tim Allen, wasn’t immune to the Twitter crowd either, taking to the social media platform Friday night to thank fans for watching the premiere.

“Thanks from all of us for your eyes on our reBoot…. Next week is even better.”

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