Jim Carrey says ‘no Trump’ can take away innocence from Americans

Comedian Jim Carrey says his upcoming show “Kidding” will attempt to remind Americans that nobody, including President Trump, can take away their innocence.

Carrey talked about his new Showtime series with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night, explaining that the character he plays, Mr. Pickles, is similar to Mr. Rogers.

“The show is about a beautiful human being with a huge heart that everyone’s trying to protect. And lightning hits his life. And everyone’s afraid he’s going to [fall apart],” Carrey said.

“Mr. Rogers would come out on a show like this and he would be so absolutely authentic that you can’t find the irony,” he said. “We’re really reminding people that we’re all innocent. We still have it. We haven’t lost it. No Trump can take it away from us. It will always be there. And it’s proven out when you see a person like Mr. Rogers and you go, ‘Wow I still have that in me, that total belief in goodness’ and that’s what it’s all about.”

The Golden Globe award-winning star has been outspoken against Trump. The comedian often draws vulgar paintings of Trump or other White House officials in order to criticize his administration. He has repeatedly come under fire for his abstract artwork.

Fox News’ Julius Young contributed to this report.


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