GetUp! deputy removed from Press Council

The deputy chair of activist group GetUp! has been removed from the Australian Press Council after a review found Carla McGrath’s membership was incompatible with her job.

The Press Council on Friday removed Ms McGrath as a public member due to an “ongoing and irreconcilable conflict of interest” between her two roles, according to a statement.

Press Council Chair Neville Stevens said it was a difficult decision, especially as Ms McGrath was a respected member of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

“(Ms McGrath) would have brought an important perspective to the work of the council,” he said.

“While the council is committed to increasing diversity among its members, there is an overriding need for it to be independent and to be seen to be independent.”

The Press Council voted on the removal on Friday after Ms McGrath refused to resign either from the Press Council or as an officer of GetUp!.

Under the council’s constitution, any resolution to remove a public member before the expiration of their term must be passed by at least 75 per cent of members present at a general meeting.


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