Driver finds ‘jaw-dropping’ five-foot-long Boa constrictor under car hood

A Massachusetts driver was left in utter shock after they popped their car hood to check on fluids and found a slithering snake coiled inside.

The five-foot-long boa constrictor was discovered under the hood of the car in Stoughton on Saturday morning.

Three officers and Animal Control were dispatched to safely remove the nonpoisonous snake. 

‘Officers DeSousa, Gada, and Cowgill along with Animal Control Officer Heal (who responded after we sent out the Bat Signal) safely capture the snake without any harm to the animal, the officers, or the caller,’ the police department posted on Facebook. 

The department joked online saying the brave officers were able to hand the reptile job ‘without having ever gone to snake charming school’ as they headed out to capture the ‘fire-breathing dragon’. 

At first the snake was kept by Animal control but was later reunited with its rightful owner. 

The snake’s owner, who didn’t want to be named and will not face penalties for losing their slithering friend, said that the Boa was given a new enclosure but found a way to sneak out.

The owner was thrilled the snake was located safe and sound.  

Boa constrictors can reach lengths between three to 13ft long. 


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