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Children’s face masks: The best coverings for kids from B&M to Amazon

MILLIONS of secondary school students will have to wear face masks in corridors when term begins next week.

The government says they will only need to be worn in areas of the country where there is a “high Covid transmission”.

While the masks aren’t compulsory for primary school children, we’ve put together a round-up of the best face masks for kids, from Amazon to B&M.

We also explain the rules regarding children and face coverings and when they should wear them.

Parents should note that children under the age of three mustn’t wear a face mask at all, due to coverings posing a potential breathing or choking risk.

For kids between the ages of four to 11, it isn’t compulsory to wear one in shops.

But anyone who is older than this must wear one, apart from those who cannot wear a covering for health reasons.

If your little one is old enough to wear a mask, there are also some rules you should follow.

For example, coverings should only be secured to the head by using ear loops, which rules out head visors for kids.

Reusable masks are designed to be washed and reused, saving you money on buying new coverings regularly.

NHS guidelines recommend that you wash a reusable mask after each use.

Medical professionals use N95 and FFP3 masks but members of the public are being asked not to buy these.

This is because they’re most needed by NHS heroes and carers, or those looking after people with coronavirus.

Disposable masks should be worn just once, so you’ll need to buy more than one.

Unlike a reusable mask, they can’t be washed.

Where to buy face masks online for adults in the UK, from Amazon, eBay, Asos and Next.

Cinemas, bingo halls and salons are just some of the places where you must wear a face mask.

Nightclub owners have suggested punters wear face masks and bouncers patrol dance floors so they can reopen.

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