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Amazon has dozens of free maths books, apps and games to help kids learn

PARENTS can download dozens of free maths books, apps and games through Amazon to help their children learn.

The educational material is available on the online retailer’s “Maths4All” learning hub, which is a separate page on the Amazon website.

Parents have become used to helping their kids learn away from the classroom after the coronavirus crisis shut down all UK schools.

But if you want to help keep your kids learning from home, these free options from Amazon could be handy.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is aiming on getting kids back into schools in England next month, while kids are already back in classrooms in Scotland and Wales.

Amazon says its available material covers both primary and secondary school aged kids.

Maths4All splits resources up into different key stage levels, as well as by the type of material you’re after.

Key stages are how the government divides the curriculum in schools, with each group made up of different age brackets.

For example, key stage one is for children in years one and two in school (ages five to seven), while key stage two consists of children in years three to six (ages eight to 11).

When The Sun checked today, we also found free books that were suitable for secondary school children in years seven and eight (ages 12 and 13).

You should note that you may need a certain type of device to download material from Maths4All, such as a Kindle or other e-book reader.

You may also need a smartphone to access some of the free apps.

And as its name suggests, parents will only find educational material for maths – there isn’t anything for other subjects such as science or English.

Amazon has worked with several charities and educational partners to come up with the learning material. 

This includes the University of Cambridge, UCL ScratchMaths, National Numeracy, and White Rose Maths.

There are plenty of other free learning resources online – see the box above for more examples.

It comes after The Sun reported on how vulnerable children could be entitled to free laptops to help them learn from home.

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