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A Round Up of TV’s Hottest Male Doctors

The doctor will see you now.

As we binge our favorite TV shows while social distancing, some of our go-to titles include medical dramas or hospital-based comedies where the doctors are hotter than their patient’s temperatures.

While real-life doctors and nurses heroically work on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re doing our part by staying home and what better way to spend your time than by throwing on a TV series where there are plenty of hot men to make our hearts race (and, who can also fix that for us)?

Whether you are in the mood for laughs or want to watch a soapy medical procedural, there is a show out there perfect for your mood all while starring some seriously attractive medical professionals.

So kick back and queue up a sitcom like The Mindy Project or Scrubs to lift your mood, or reignite your own dilemma of picking between McDreamy and McSteamy by watching Grey’s Anatomy.

We’re filling your prescription for eye candy with this round up.

Check out the list below!

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