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Woman says former high school ‘circulated nude photos to shame her’ over assault claims

A young woman who sued a Georgia school district over the handling of her sexual assault case while she was a student in 2015, has accused officials of circulating her nude photos to ‘shame, embarrass, and discredit her’. 

According to the lawsuit, obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the student, who is now an adult, reported being sexually assaulted by a classmate at Peachtree Ridge High School in 2015. 

Following her accusation, she sued the Gwinnett County Public Schools in 2018 for the way her case was handled. 

The woman is now claiming that the school district has been circulating nude photos of her.

‘She had no intent of any adult man or woman or school counselor or the school ever seeing these photos,’ Monica Beck, a lawyer for the student, said during a hearing on Monday, according to AJC.  

‘I cannot understand how the school can contend they’re possibly relevant to a claim that a different boy sexually assaulted her,’ Beck added.  

During the hearing, the woman’s attorneys asked US District Court Judge Steve Jones to launch an independent investigation to determine who had seen or sent the photos.

According to AJC, lawyers for the school district said only law enforcement and one attorney had seen the images as part of the investigations.

The woman reported the alleged sexual assault in 2015 while she was a student at Peachtree Ridge. She was 15 years old at the time. 

According to the suit, the victim was waiting for her mother to pick her up from school when her attacker ‘asked if she wanted to see the Ridge Vision News room’ at Peachtree Ridge.

When they entered the room, the suit claims that the attacker ‘grabbed her hips, pulled her to him, fondled her buttocks and started pulling down her pants’.

The suit says that the victim tried pushing him off her and yelled: ‘No, stop!’

Her attacker then restrained her in a chair, positioned himself above her, and forcibly kissed her. The victim alleged that she was then subject to forced oral sodomy by the attacker.

He eventually let the victim leave, and she went to her mother. The next day she reported the incident.

At the time, she and the accused were suspended from the school because administrators said both had violated a rule against sexual conduct on campus.  

She later withdrew from the school and attended another before filing a lawsuit against the school district in 2018. 

She has now accused school district officials of circulating nude images of her. 

Her lawyers said that the images are considered child pornography because they were taken when she was 15. 

According to AJC, the photos were sent from the student to her boyfriend at the time. Her boyfriend was not the alleged attacker. 

The school was alerted to the images by the mother of the alleged assailant. 

From there, the photos ended up on the personal phone of a school resource officer as part of the investigation. 

Attorneys for the school district said that the aforementioned officer, another officer, a district lawyer and possibly an investigator from the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office had seen the photos. 

The district’s attorneys said the photos may be relevant to the case.

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