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Woman hilariously nails what men want from their ‘ideal’ online dating match

Most of us curate our dating profiles to create the perfect image of how we want to come across to the opposite sex – in a bid to attract our ideal match.


Gina Divittorio, a writer from New York, knows this, especially when it comes to men’s dating profiles, and shared her observations in a 50 second video on Twitter which she said was ‘the ideal woman according to guys’ Hinge profiles.’

From our TV choices to how much we read, she delivered the funny observations with a sarcastic tone. 

She started the video by saying: ‘I’m naturally beautiful, but I don’t know that I am’, while she also went on to say ‘I love reading, because that means I’m not a wh**e’.

Twitter loved the video, with over 10,000 retweeting it and other saying how funny it was.

The ideal woman according to guys’ Hinge profiles

She also touched on what the opinion of their ideal woman would be when it came to travel and work. 

‘Wow, Macchu Pichu,’ she said, and: ‘I think it’s so cool you’re an entrepreneur, and not just unemployed’.

While movies were also mentioned: ‘I love watching movies, but I don’t know a lot about them so you’ll have to tell me the important ones.’

‘I’m passionate about vague things, but also really easy going and laid back. And chill, so chill,’ she also joked. 

She also touched on how we should all love the Office and tacos and how it was good to be spontaneous, but not too much: ‘I’m spontaneous, but not in a tattoo way’. 

Responses on Twitter ranged from telling her how much they loved her video to how much they identified with some of her comments. 

One joked: ‘Now all you need is a clip with you and 5 of your friends so we can guess which one you are’ 

While another said: ‘Howling. I lost it at Machu Picchu. SO. TRUE.’

One Twitter user loved this line: ‘”I love movies. But I don’t know a lot about them so you’ll have to tell me the important ones.” you’re my personal hero’.

One however thought she had missed some things: ‘And yet not a single word about being equally comfortable dressing up or hanging out at dive bars, or anything about your friends telling you you have a good sense of humor.’ 

‘Someone needs to tell 90% of people on dating apps that wtaching the office and liking dogs are not personality traits,’ another said.

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