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Woman, 75, plows out-of-control SUV into hospital, killing one

Shocking surveillance footage shows the moment elderly woman lost control of her vehicle and smashed through an entrance of an ER killing one person and injuring four more. 

Mary Clayton, 75, had driven herself to the hospital for an appointment at Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital at 7.45am on June 30, when she lost control of her Mercedes-Benz SUV, plowed into a car in front of her before driving through the glass entrance of the emergency room. The incident left 55-year-old Kimberly Hall dead and four others injured.

Newly released surveillance footage shows hospital workers desperately running out of the way of Clayton’s car as it sped inside the waiting area during the incident.

Two of the workers narrowly avoid being struck by the car by a matter of feet. Another angle shows that two other staff were not so fortunate, with one woman – Kailyn Bailey – sent hurtling into a door and a second left motionless on the floor. 

A number of other bystanders were ‘bumped’ by the vehicle, police said, but escaped serious injury.

When Clayton’s car finally comes to a rest, bystanders are seen racing to administer aid to the injured.

Bailey who survived the crash held a press conference Tuesday to talk about the severe injuries she sustained, including a broken pelvis, a broken tailbone and two shattered hips.

The 29-year-old, who said she’s considering filing a lawsuit, was only recently released from hospital having spent weeks learning how to walk again.

‘I remember running from the red SUV,’ recalled Bailey to WSBTV. ‘Once I got up to run into the entrance of the hospital, that is when Mrs. Clayton gunned and hit me on the right side.

‘I’m extremely hurt by all of this. My family is hurt. Why wasn’t I protected at an emergency room?’

Police never filed charges against Clayton. Their report found that the crash ‘wasn’t a deliberate act’ as she had lost control of her vehicle, with tests showing she did not have any alcohol or drugs in her system at the time.

‘I’m just wondering how do you drive through a hospital, critically injure me, kill one person, but yet you’re allowed to be home, living your life?’ Bailey said. ‘Every day is a struggle for that family. Every day is a struggle for me and my family.’

Bailey and her attorney, Jane Lamberti, also say the hospital failed to install safety post in front of the emergency room entrance, which could have prevented the fatal incident from happened in the first place.

‘Secured posts that provide a secured space between pedestrians and an ER and car traffic going through,’ Lamberti said. ‘If you look at the video, Piedmont does not have any of these security bollards or posts.’

While Bailey considers her legal options, she says she has a question for the driver, who said she never reached out to her.

‘I just need her to look at me and see that my life has changed,’ Bailey said. ‘I’m glad to be here, but my life has changed. But do you feel any type of remorse or anything?’

When quizzed by WSBTV as to why Clayton was never charged, Atlanta police told the station the investigation is still ongoing.

Clayton reportedly declined to comment on the incident when reached by phone by FOX5.

Lamberti said right now she is investigating the crash. Depending on the findings a lawsuit may be filed against the driver, Piedmont, or both.

In a statement, Piedmont offered their ‘deepest sympathies to the patients, families, and staff who were impacted by this accident and its aftermath.

‘Regarding any other questions, we do not comment on any pending claims or investigations as a matter of policy.’

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