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Woman, 25, reveals she regularly ‘smells’ her mother

A 25-year-old woman has revealed that she regularly smells her mother during their bizarre routine ‘snuggle parties’ because it helps her relieve her anxiety and ‘makes her feel safe’.

Appearing on reality series sMothered, Sarah, from Port St. Lucie, Florida, explains how she regularly stays at her 59-year-old mother Laurie’s house, despite no longer living their together.

The duo, who say they’re more like best friends than mother and daughter, admit that they often share a bed  – describing the routine as their ‘snuggle parties’.

A new episode of the TLC show – which chronicles the lives of six mother-daughter duos who share an unusually close bond – sees Sarah confess that watching her mother sleep and even smelling her hair eases her anxieties.

As Sarah reveals, she and her mother have been having ‘snuggle parties’ for as long as she can remember: ‘It’s always been our tradition, it’s just kind of a way of life.’ 

Admitting that she’s quite an anxious person, Sarah also explains that she has a very novel way of easing her anxieties when she’s with her mother, by smelling her.

‘I’m a very anxious person, but when I smell my mother all of my anxieties or worries go away,’ she says. ‘If I had to pick what my mother smelt like, I would describe it as a cloud, a white puffy cloud.’ 

Another way the 25-year-old likes to keep calm is by watching her mother sleep, adding: ‘It makes me feel safe.’ 

However, this revelation appears to be news to Laurie, who during the interview on the show admits ‘it’s weird’. 

‘That’s weird, I never knew that,’ she says, bemused. However, Sarah’s quick to respond: ‘I send you pictures of you sleeping all the time.’  

‘I think our relationship is more like best friends,’ Sarah, who recently just bought a house with her fiancé Miguel, says. ‘She’s my partner in crime.’

Laurie admits the pair do almost everything together, adding: ‘We go on adventures together, we get into mischief together, we have a very tight bond.’

Speaking about their night time routine, the devoted mother says: ‘When I snuggle with Sarah it brings us to an inner connection, words aren’t even necessary. It’s just an unbelievable love bond.’

Laurie has struggled with a number of health issues since before Sarah’s birth, suffering from both chronic kidney disease, which is the gradual loss of kidney function, and Type 1 diabetes, which causes the level of glucose (sugar) in your blood to become too high.

She also went through a difficult pregnancy with Sarah because her blood pressure went ‘through the roof’.

Laurie recalls: ‘I was at stroke level, and they wanted me to abort and I just couldn’t. I knew it was going to be a girl and I knew we were both going to survive.’ 

Helping to take care of her mother, Sarah has a meticulous regime in place to ensure she stays as healthy as possible, including drawing up a timetable for when Laurie needs to drink some water and take her medication. 

‘We’ve reversed roles somewhere in our life, I’m now the daughter and she feels like the mother,’ Laurie jokes.

Elsewhere in the show, despite Sarah’s new chapter in life with her fiance Miguel, Laurie explains that she still has some reservations.  

‘Sarah and Miguel bought the house before they got engaged,’ she says. ‘I would really have preferred that there was a ring on her finger first.’ 

And Laurie is so determined to get Miguel to start planning the wedding with Sarah, that she has started joining the pair on their date nights.   

‘Date nights for Sarah and Miguel is really date night for the three of us,’ the parent says. ‘Why should I be left out? When we sit down to dinner, I am going to be pressuring Miguel a little bit this evening.’

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