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Wimbledon star Coco Gauff’s father is being sued by his MOTHER in feud over Florida sports bar

The grandmother of Wimbledon standout Coco Gauff is suing the tennis star’s coach father – her only son – for allegedly barring her from a Florida sports lounge that she claims to have invested $500,000 in. 


Dr. Deborah Wright, of Delray Beach, Florida, filed a November 2018 lawsuit against Corey Gauff seeking ‘damages which exceed $15,000’ and the sole ownership of the Paradise Sports Lounge in Delray Beach.

Wright alleges that she used her retirement funds to open a sports bar in 2016, hiring her ‘only son’ to manage the establishment.

According to the suit filed with the 15th Judicial Circuit Court, she claims to have invested all the money to launch the company – Paradise Sports Lounge, LLC. Wright also says that she gave Gauff another $60,000 for ‘operational costs’ in November 2017. Trou

Wright claims that her son doctored documents giving himself the distinction as the managing member of PSL, without her knowledge or consent.

She also claims that Gauff started making decisions regarding the establishment without her consent, effectively phasing her out of the day-to-day operation.

Wright says Gauff then ‘disallowed her participation in hiring and operational decisions for PSL.’

The irate mother describes ‘multiple actions’ carried out by her son against her wishing, including: the forging of signatures, the addition of a third party to the managing members list and the removal of Wright from that list. 

The suit also states that Gauff barred Wright from PSL and even had a third party threaten her with ‘physical harm.’

Wright is being represented by Jonathan Claussen of JClaussen Law and is seeking a trial by jury to determine the damages she should receive, the suit reads. 

She says she suffered ‘special injury’ but does not go into detail. 

Gauff filed a motion to dismiss in January, followed by another in June. 

The second motion to dismiss came just two weeks after Wright updated her complaint to specify that she was barred from the establishment on August 26, 2018.

A Facebook post from May 5 shows that folks wishing to be hired at the sports bar were to contact Wright and another person.

The updated suit slams Gauff for mismanaging the establishment and causing PSL to lose out on business opportunities.

It also details that the Delray Beach Police Department has had to respond to PSL for physical altercations and the firing of firearms that ‘put its customers safety and welfare at risk.’

The complaint mentions that Gauff is hardly present at the sports lounge, often absent so he can travel to coach his 15-year-old tennis star. 

Gauff called the allegations ‘contradictory’ in his dismissal motion, adding that Wright failed to provide evidence of the forgeries she accused him of. 

He is being represented by Steven Goerke of McRae Law Offices. 

Cori ‘Coci’ Grauff, from Atlanta in the US, has been living a fairy tale at Wimbledon after beating seven-time Grand Slam singles winner and her idol Venus Williams, 39, in the first round and Slovak Magdalena Rybarikova in the second.

Keeping the dream alive yesterday she won a two-hour and 45-minute third round match against Slovenian Polona Hercog on the center court. 

Corey Grauff and Cori’s mother – Candi – have been pictured joyously celebrating as their daughter dominates in England.

Video also showed her 74-year-old maternal grandmother, Yvonne Odom, celebrating on Friday after her granddaughter’s second victory. 


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