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Why you need to try an ‘inner facial’: Meghan Markle’s facialist Nichola Joss shares the technique

A leading celebrity facialist has revealed the benefits of facial massage, and why you need to try an ‘inner facial’ if you want a Hollywood glow.

British expert Nichola Joss has looked after some of the biggest names in the business in the past, including Meghan Markle before her wedding day, Margot Robbie, Kate Moss and Scarlett Johansson. 

Nichola revealed that the secret to perfect skin is massaging the inside of your mouth with your index finger and thumb in surgical gloves, as this helps to tone the face and improve its overall structure.

‘My whole ethos is about massage and making the facial structure look better, but from years and years of doing massage, I realised we need to get to those internal muscles as they are the ones where you can remove stress and tension and make yourself look younger,’ Nichola told the Adore Beauty podcast.

An ‘inner facial’ also helps to work the lymphatic system and ‘drain’ any puffiness or sluggishness from your face.

Nichola explained that she first found out that working the inner contours of the face can help the skin years ago, when she was working with a massage therapist in Indonesia.

‘I have a biology background and have always been interested in how the body works,’ she said.

When working with the therapist, Nichola discovered that the muscles that hold a lot of our tension are in the mouth, and so she started ‘donning gloves’ and using her index finger to ‘gently manipulate the muscle around the jawline and chin’.

‘I played with my sister and my mum and my really good girlfriends for a period to figure this out,’ she told the podcast hosts.

She then decided to incorporate it into beauty, with her facial treatments in London.

Isabella Lonergan at The Dermal Diary is the only clinic in Australia that offers something like Nichola’s inner facial, though Nichola is the founder.

For those who want to try an ‘inner facial’ at home, Nichola said it’s easy, provided you know what to do.

‘Put some surgical gloves on, and place your thumb and index finger inside your mouth, putting your index finger on your cheek to go around the full contour of the cheek up to the nose,’ she said.

Nichola explained that our cheek contours are like a ‘big curve’ or a C shape, and by going around the edges, you will be releasing a lot of tension.

She also recommends simply massaging the cheek muscle on the inside with your fingers, which helps to plump out the skin, reduce puffiness and get rid of congestion. 

But it’s not just inner massage that Nichola swears by.

The celebrity facialist also said she loves to massage the outside of the face with the likes of jade rollers and Gua Sha tools – which are smooth-edged instruments designed to be swept over the contours of the face.

‘I think gua sha is phenomenal,’ Nichola said.

She uses rose quartz in the morning and jade each night. 

Finally, Nichola touched on the exercises you can do between your facials to improve the results and keep your complexion looking youthful and plump.

She recommends over-exaggerating and almost ‘singing’ the vowels into a mirror, as this helps to exercise the facial muscles and drain the lymphatic system.

‘I learned this from an actor, but when you say vowels, it uses every muscle in the cheekbone down to your chest,’ Nichola said.

She sometimes stands in front of the mirror in the morning and says each of the vowels A, E, I, O and U to help to work out her face. 

Nichola previously shared some of her top skincare tips with MailOnline, revealing that alongside facial massage, she swears by plenty of water and a double cleanse.

The expert extolled the benefits of sleep for the skin:

Sleep can be underrated when it comes to its impact on the appearance of your skin,’ she told MailOnline.

When you’re in bed your skin is rejuvenating itself. 

‘Our hectic lifestyles mean that getting a full eight hours every night can often be unrealistic, but there’s no shame in grabbing a power nap whenever you get a moment. Every minute of shut eye will make a difference.’ 

She also said you need to allow enough time between the various skincare stages in your morning and evening routine, in order to make sure they are all doing their jobs.

‘It’s imperative to break your skincare regime up into stages,’ Nichola explained.

‘As soon as you get home, the first thing you must do is remove the grime and pollution, then allow your skin to optimise the heavy-working products like anti-ageing products.

‘Do those first steps very early in the evening and leave for at least three to four hours.

‘If they’re working throughout the early evening while you’re cooking or watching TV, they can work quite freely and you’re still active and moving therefore your blood is circulating quite highly. That helps the function which helps efficacy of the product.

‘And then, when you put an oil on at bedtime, because you’ve given these products time to work, it traps those products skin-deep so it keeps them working.’

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