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What happened to the voice of Boo from Pixar’s 2001 animated hit film Monsters, Inc?

She was the cute-as-a-button blonde who voiced the character of Boo in the 2001 animated hit Monster’s Inc when she was just five-years-old. 

But the young actress who appeared in the Pixar film has stepped away from the spotlight following a health battle and has now transformed into a bodybuilder.

‘I have dreadlocks and tattoos now, so (I look) very different,’ Mary Gibbs, 24, told hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur while doing a live cross to The Morning Show from her home in Pasadena, USA on Friday. 

Mary revealed it was actually a complete accident that she went on to star in the film alongside veteran actors Billy Crystal and John Goodman.

‘My dad was a storyboard artist on the movie. Originally, they just needed a little girl to draw. So he brought me in just for that,’ she explained.

‘As the movie progressed, they needed someone for scratch dialogue. But the directors thought I was doing great and wanted to try it out for the whole movie,’ she added.

Mary was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager and went on to overhaul her life and fitness routine following major surgery.

‘In 2012, I had a 10-vertebrae spinal fusion from scoliosis,’ she said.

But with the help of weightlifting and yoga, she was soon in better shape than ever.

‘I was able to do a handstand after two months. A year later, I was able to deadlift 250 pounds,’ she explained.

‘Now, it’s definitely limitless,’ she added.

While Mary had a small voiceover role in hit 2015 animated film Inside Out she says she has no plans to star in any future movies.

In Monsters, Inc. John and Billy voiced the roles of professional monsters Sulley and Mike, who scare children to harvest power for the power plant they work at.

After being unable to scare Mary’s character Boo, she cheekily follows them back to Monstropolis where hilarity ensues as they try to return her home.

John and Billy reunited last year to film a new animated TV series for Disney Plus called Monsters at Work which reveals what happened to their characters at the end of the original film.

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