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Wedding guest is slammed for donning ‘inappropriate’ ivory lace gown complete with TRAIN

A woman who donned a lace white gown complete with a train to her brother’s big day has been branded ‘inappropriate’ – after people mistook her for the bride. 

An anonymous woman, believed to be from the UK, took to Reddit and shared a photo of the controversial dress and penned: ‘This girl looks absolutely gorgeous, stunning and every other word for perfect. But she is NOT the bride. You had one job…’

Later she found the original Facebook post about the controversy, which revealed the wedding had taken place in the Czech Republic and that the wearer of the offending gown was in fact the groom’s sister.  

And it wasn’t long before others took to the comments section in agreement – with one saying her ‘dress is outshining the bride.’

‘This isn’t even just an inappropriate white dress. It’s a wedding gown. It even has a train. It would be a shame if someone accidentally spilled a glass of Cabernet on that,’ wrote one, while a second joked: ‘That’s what bridesmaids are for.’

While many agreed the dress was ‘stunning’, they struggled to comprehend how someone could wear a bridal gown to someone else’s big day.

‘Unreal, like does she not have a friend to perhaps suggest that, lovely though the gown might be, this is NOT the function to wear it to?’ wrote one, while a second commented.

‘I’d say this would only be ok to wear if the event wasn’t a wedding. Go ahead and wear it to a gala.’

A third added: ‘I can’t fathom how some people think everything is always about them…’

The Reddit poster then shared an explanation from Facebook, where she’d originally found the pictures. 

They were discovered by a woman who doesn’t know the bride and groom, but knows a lot of their guests. 

‘The girl is the groom’s sister,’ she said. ‘She is very nice, so pretty and talented. But seriously, this dress for a wedding? Plus you’ll be in most of the pictures with the bride and groom.’

She explained that the woman was definitely not a bridesmaid, because it’s not a tradition in the Czech Republic, adding that nobody woud have said anything to her. 

‘I bet she didn’t even think this is weird and I’m sure absolutely noone told her because that’s just how people are in the Czech Republic.’ 

Meanwhile, others didn’t hold back and told how if it was their wedding day, they’d be quick to kick the wedding guest out. 

‘I mean if someone turns up to a wedding dressed like this it’s 100% appropriate to kick them out,’ wrote one, while another agreed: ‘Lmao if someone showed up in this to my wedding they’d be kicked out immediately.’

But some were so shocked by the wedding guest’s choice of bridal gown that they refused to believe she wasn’t the bride.

‘I refuse to believe this is anything other than the bride and groom,’ wrote one, while a second agreed: ‘Agreed! Cannot even fathom that someone would wear what clearly looks like a wedding dress to someone’s wedding. Besides, the guy in the pic very much looks like a groom right down to the boutonnière. However…. he doesn’t have a wedding band on hmmmm.’

However, a further clarified: ‘She’s not the bride. I’ve seen the picture of her standing with the bride.’

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