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We Build The Wall ‘scammer’ launched second GoFundMe to raise $500k for suit against BLM

Alleged We Build The Wall scammer Brian Kolfage launched a second GoFundMe account just days before his arrest, this time targeting Black Lives Matter for ‘fueling racist hate attacks against innocent Americans’.

Iraq War hero Kolfage wanted $500,000 to fund a class action lawsuit for the ‘random white people’ robbed and attacked in Portland, Oregon by supporters of BLM – which he dubbed a ‘full blown racist terror group’.

The Purple Heart recipient and triple-amputee also called for a boycott of the four major US sports – the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL – for giving BLM a platform.

His appeal, which was posted on Monday, attracted a smattering of donations but was online for less than 24 hours before GoFundMe took it down.

Kolfage then gave a phone interview on Wednesday to Steve Bannon’s podcast, telling the former Trump adviser he was a victim of censorship and was taking his ‘We Build The Wall’ campaign to a different platform in protest.

‘We need other Americans to stand up to this type of censorship. We can’t allow it,’ he complained. ‘We are not going to give GoFundMe another penny of the money we raised.’

The pair seemed completely unaware of the Federal investigation unfolding behind the scenes that would see both arrested a day later over accusations they siphoned funds from the $27 million raised by We Build The Wall.

Kolfage, 38, was taken into custody in Florida while Bannon was arrested on the same 150-ft yacht off the coast of Westport Connecticut where he had broadcast his show from.

He was released by Thursday afternoon, according to his TikTok star wife Ashley, 34, who uploaded an Instagram story saying: ‘Brian is on his way home… that didn’t last long. Thanks for all the prayers’. 

The veteran wrote in the posting that now only appears in web archives: ‘My name is Brian Kolfage, I started the biggest Gofundme in history to fund the wall with over $27 Million dollars raised to date.

‘But today we are raising money to fund a class action lawsuit for victims against #BlackLivesMatter the NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL for fueling racist hate attacks against innocent Americans,’ he wrote.

‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Black Lives Matter has turned into a full blown racist terror group who are beating up random white people, robbing them, and showing the world that it was never about ‘police brutality’.

‘They are showing us what police deal with every single day, pure hatred for humans.’

Kolfage said victims of BLM violence needed urgent help with health care and medical bills.

‘Some can no longer work due to disabilities and will need lifelong funding to live a normal life again. We must stand up for the victims of this injustice. There has been NO VOICE or recourse against these systemically racist attacks,’ he went on.

‘All this hatred from BLM was fueled by the NBA, NFL, MLB, and the NHL. They gave these hateful people a platform, and now we are seeing the fruits of their labor pay off.

‘We will ensure all victims of these hate crimes have the chance to sue all the parties involved for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

‘That includes the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and BlakLivesMatter (sic) which is funded by the Democratic Party. In order to start the class action we want to ensure they have the best legal team to get the job done as they will be battling some very powerful corporations.’

Kolfage pledged that funds would be ‘directly deposited into the law firm’s bank account from GoFundme for the sole purpose of funding this lawsuit’.

When the posting vanished he took to social media to complain, unaware the company had played a key role in law enforcement efforts to build a criminal case against him.

‘@gofundme deleted the campaign for the victims who were attacked by #blackLivesMatter in Portland. Just as it was starting to go viral the pulled the plug.

‘We will be going to their competitor. Do not use them anymore. They are part of the problem with censorship,’ he wrote.

The Florida-based veteran is accused of swindling $350,000 from We Build The Wall despite pledging he would never take a penny from the 2018 scheme to build a border wall between the US and Mexico.

It was inundated with donations from Republicans and had collected more than $20 million by December that year.

GoFundMe became suspicious of where the money was going, however, and warned Kolfage to donate it to a legitimate charity or refund everyone who had ever pledged money.

That is when, prosecutors say, Bannon, Timothy Shea and Andrew Badolato got involved.

The four allegedly used shell companies and a not-for-profit formed by Bannon to launder the money back to Kolfage while keeping some for themselves.

The fund would pay the shell companies, which would deposit the money back into accounts held by Kolfage or his wife Ashley, 34, marking the transactions down as for ‘media’, ‘consulting’ or ‘social media’, it’s claimed.

Despite insisting that he’d ‘never take a penny’ from donations, the indictment alleges that Kolfage took a $20,000-a-month salary from it in addition to a one-off, $100,000 payment.

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