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Video shows man arrested in Argentina dumping girlfriend’s body

A man has been arrested after allegedly being caught on camera dumping the strangled body of his girlfriend into a ditch in Argentina.

Edgar Martínez was apprehended Thursday, one day after a surveillance camera seemingly captured him dumping a large sack containing the body of Sandra Acosta Mercado.

Acosta Mercado, 22, was the mother of his two-year-old daughter, and a native of Paraguay.

Martínez, 28, is alleged to be the man who appears in footage walking behind a fence at 2:09am Wednesday in the Buenos Aires town of Guernica.

The man then lowers the straw bag to the ground and flees the scene.

Local media outlets report that a neighbor located the bag with Acosta Mercado’s remains several hours later and contacted the police.

Investigators discovered a shovel and believe that Martínez’s intention was to bury his wife before he decided to abandon her body.

The remains were found just 1,300 feet from the home where they had recently moved into.

Authorities were able to analyze the security camera video and identified Martínez. He was apprehended Thursday afternoon while he was walking in the neighborhood of San Martín.

The Mendoza Post reported that a preliminary autopsy indicated that Acosta Mercado died of mechanical asphyxia. The woman’s nails were broken, a sign that she tried to defender herself before she was killed. 

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