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Uniformed sailor screaming f*** Trump and confronting protesters sparks investigation by Navy chiefs

A uniformed sailor is at the center of a Navy investigation today after screaming ‘f**k Trump’ at protesters.

Aviation Boatswain’s Mate Sarah J. Dudrey, 24, was filmed as she launched into an angry tirade at ‘Pro-America’ demonstrators in Ventura who said they ‘had lined the sidewalks with happiness and American flags’.

An investigation has been opened after Navy chiefs were made aware of the footage. 

Ms Dudrey blocked a lane of traffic when she stopped her car ‘on a busy main street’ outside the Ventura County Government Center on Sunday at around 1pm, one witness said.

A woman who posted the clip to Facebook wrote: ‘This attack took place on Sunday July 19th at about 1:00 pm. 

‘A large group of people were having a pro-America rally and had lined the sidewalks with happiness and American flags. 

‘Dudrey pulled up in a BORROWED CAR, parked illegally on a busy main street, blocking an entire lane, got out…’ 

The one-minute clip showed Ms Dudrey walk around her car before shouting and pointing at one of the demonstrators. 

Continuing round she got close to the cameraman and shouted at the rest of the demonstrators, saying: ‘F**k Trump, F***k you.’

One man said: ‘Shame on you,’ as Dudley shouted at an elderly woman holding a stars and stripes umbrella.

One person said: ‘Don’t touch anybody. Get back in your car.’ Another added: ‘You should be ashamed.’

Ms Dudrey, who was wearing military fatigues and had her blue face mask around her chin, put both her middle fingers up at the demonstrators as she walked through the small crowd.

A man shouted: ‘He’s your commanding officer,’ referencing the fact President Donald Trump is overall commander of the country’s armed forces.

Demonstrators started shouting at Ms Dudrey to ‘take off the uniform’ as she continued to make hand signals at the crowd. 

She then got back in the drivers’ seat of the car and drove away.

Dudrey is based at Naval Base Ventura County, 15 miles away from where the altercation was filmed. 

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